Exercise Loss

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by The_Green_Man, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Is there such a thing as Exercise Loss? The reason I am asking is after an exercise I was down a couple of mags. These were handed over to another section during the attack and I never recieved them back. I am now being billed for their loss. I'm pretty certain that they should be written off as "exercise loss" but I'm being told that such a thing doesn't exist and I have to pay for them. Any ideas or should I just stop being a tight wad?
  2. No such thing I am afraid feller. If you have a friendly RQ to hand he may condition some scrap metal as your mags, but otherwise - don't lend your kit out without a signature!
  3. Or the return spring firmly placed in the return setting.
  4. Exercise loss does exist......I lost my 432 once on ex (my cam was legendary). I had a quick chat with my CQ and I got another one no questions asked ;)
  5. There is such a thing mate, same happened to me on exercise and my q just wrote them off as ex lost. There's a certain form they fill in but I'm not sure what it is
  6. Lets hope he's not still looking two years after the original post.

    This tread ressurection crap is wearing a bit thin - I'm running out of barbed comments.
  7. This isn't thread resurrection - wait until someone pulls up stuff from Chubb's early ramblings...........
  8. Oooh, I wonder if there's a prize.....