Exercise Lion Sun - "Mate in a State"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Flicking through a box of old photos that I've just found in the loft, I found these little gems and just had to share.

    Exercise Lion Sun, Bloodhound Camp, Cyprus September 1995. The Battery having been gated for 48 hrs are allowed their first night out into Limassol but the young and newly promoted L/Bdr Pigshagger is put onto Guard Commander.

    Imagine my joy at 0330hrs when my the two sprogs on the gate telephoned the Guardroom to inform me that someone was taking an age to get up the hill, having 'attempted' to sign in at the gate.

    My joy was unbridled when I found it it was one of my "Bezzers" L/Bdr " Cymbeline Ears"

    You probably had to be there, but it was one of the funniest thing's I'd seen. It took me the best part of fifteen minutes to carry him to his pit, and out of shot on the two photos are the a few of the best Keo and Brandy Sour pavement pizzas ever seen...

    And no, it didn't make the Occurance Book.

    Anyway, carry on...



    Oh, and the writing on the picture says 'Piper Doon' a reference to the Scottish father that Mike Myers played in "So I married and Axe Murderer" when one of the pipers collapses at his son's wedding.

    Like I say, you probably had to be there.....
  2. Links do not work!
  3. I guess you did. I know Bloodhound camp very well, what I don't remember is a big hill.
  4. So you wouldn't have said that the road to the guardroom (The main road into camp) was something of a steep incline from the bottom, then?

    Funny, because I certainly recall it was when running back into camp after PT...
  5. To attempt to sign in you've got to already be at the top of the hill leading to the camp, after signing in the camp is on a plateau. :roll:
  6. OK, having re-read that bit I see what you're saying.

    What I should have written was that he took an age to get up the hill, then attempted to sign in at the gate.

    Pedantic f*cker..... :D
  7. Fair one, I did actually forget that the climb to the camp is actually like climbing K2. Fortunately I always had an Isuzu Trooper. 8)
  8. I was getting a running commentary from the two guys on Guard until he reached the sentry post, so my joy was unbridled when I wandered down to see who it was.

    When I asked why he hadn't got a Taxi to the gate like everyone else, he apparantly honked in it about 400 yards short of the turn off for the camp on the Dhekalia Road and had been thrown out.

    Fast forward twelve years and I'm a Satellite TV Engineer and he's an f*cking Armed Police Officer....

    There's little justice in life...
  9. I remember the exercise, I remember the hill and the gdrm, I even remember you, but I can't workout who the f*ck that is on the floor. Unless he was the ginger one of your little gang!!
  10. Look on the bright side ...you're popular and have friends he isn't and doesn't :D
  11. The bloke on the floor is "Strevs"
  12. Unfortunately the last Lion Sun was this year in March, Goodbye the George Pub and naked swimming pool and Nev the barmaid in the Inn down the road. :cry:
  13. Ah happy memories did the ex in 1989 Stone Eagle pub was a winner
  14. Right, I've arrived. Time to set a few things straight, so pin your ears back and Pigshagger, get your heels together.
    1. I was unwell folowing a dirty glass/dodgy kebab/bad pint etc etc.
    2. I was made to drink too much by bullies.
    3. Ginger!?!..........Ginger!!!
    4. Pigshagger, you were never popular and never will be!
    5. Anyway, my mum says I am special.

    The photos only begin to explain the state I was in that night after a few quiet ones in Paphos turned into an epic. Added to which I had to be at an O Gp at 0530hrs the next morning to take my section out on the area for a couple of days. The first day was an OP exercise which saw me just about manage to nav in, then give my section sprog the 'excitement' of watching a dusty road through binos for hours while I reflected on the evils of strong drink from beneath a bush.
    Happy days!
  15. good drills stop rest rejoin the class...good comeback..