Exercise keks

What's the longest you have had your undies on since leaving the forces , remember the 3 weeker exercise's when you kept them on for a week because you didnt get a chance to change them or two weeks if you was comfy in them ,Time to be honest now :)
Whilst serving in a Multi National HQ I was asking an American why she had brough so much kit with her on exercise, it was only a 3 weeker but she brought a change of keks for everyday (for those who are not finance trained thats 21 pairs). I informed her that I had only brought 3 pairs of keks, she would not believe me so I unpacked my bergen to prove it, also telling her that if the exercise had been longer than 3 weeks then I would just turn my keks inside out to last another 3 weeks. She was horrified and proceeded to tell all the other Americans about my bad hygeine skills. For some reason they gave me a weird looks from then on. But I remember coming off exercises whilst being armoured and having to strip off outside my MQ as my wife could not stand the smell.


With Lionheart and the build up we spent about 6 weeks all told in various temp accom and in field conditions, all with just cemo. The bath and shower unit at about the 3rd week was welcome but we ended up putting on clean keks but the same combats as with noddy suits we hadnt got them dirty!
Went to Sennelager in June on exercise, boiling hot summer, went to use the showers in Aushwitz or somewhere and chucked my once white skiddies in the bin. Of course they bounced straight back out again as the bin was full of everybody elses skiddies.
Related question, what's the source of a really sore ringpiece if you don't wash and change them? On a TA weekend by the early hours of Sunday morning getting bathed and naked, and [for want of a better term] "spoiling" my aching grinner, became an obsession.

Come to think of it, an habitual high fibre diet probably had a lot to do with it - most people can go Friday-Sunday without producing half a pail of gardener's friend.
My keks have been worn for so long and there are so old - the shat stains hold them together now.... Now that is proper ex keks!!! :twisted:
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