Exercise Ideas Needed

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kes1, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Last year I damaged my knee running - prepatellar bursitis lateral ligament sprain - stupidly carried on which caused more damage and ended up stopping me running for about 6 weeks.

    The same problem now appears to be affecting the other knee. Doc says no exercise that will put any pressure on the knee but as I struggle with running even without injury, I really don't want to waste another few weeks of enforced rest.

    Any ideas what I can do in place of running that won't put pressure on the knee but will ultimately help me with the running when injury free again?

    (Apologies for the lack grammar/spelling/sense in that - been a very long week!)
  2. If my knee plays up I nip on down to the gym and hop on the bike.

    I like one ex where I do a few mins at setting 1, then 2 mins at 2, 2 mins at 3, up to max, then work 2 mins down. Masochists can do this two or three times depending on time. I also like to finish off with a few weights, being careful.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks Dwarf. Last time this happened I concentrated on building up upper body strength.
  4. me in a swimming costume will traumatise the locals! I'll try the cycling. :D
  5. The cross trainers are pretty low impact too, and can be an absolute fucker if you work them hard enough.
  6. Swim, Cycling may exacerbate the injury.

    Anyway, you Bristawwwl folk should find swimming easier. What with the webbed feet and hands and 12 fingers and all :D

    Seriously, Swim, don't cycle.
  7. Mike - tried the cross trainer last time, was too painful on my knee.

    PTP - I'm not FROM Bristol!! Grr...

    Any ideas on what I can do to strengthen my knees to avoid this happening again?
  8. Sounds like you need to rest up first mate. It also sounds like you don't like resting much. Tough situation...
  9. Swimming / cycling (with low resistance, correct saddle height) should be ok

    But check with your doctor/physio before you do anything!
  10. How many years of medical school have you done Kes? When did you get your doctorate? Right, take the Doc's advice, he's well qualified to give it. Of course you could ignore it, get on a bike or cross trainer and cause damage that'll slow you down for the rest of your life.
    Find yourself a physio, better still get the Doc to refer you to one and ask him to give you build ups once you are fit to exercise again. Listening to internet rambos telling you to get on bikes cross trainers etc is a fools thing to do, wise up, you only have one body, make it last.
  11. Maybe you could shock your body better by doing an Iron Man, or Nijmegen? :D
  12. Swimming is a good non impact exercise but would avoid the breast stroke as you're twisting your feet out to the side and in turn twisting your knee whilst bending and extending.

    Main things that could well be of use whilst you are waiting for your PHYSIO appt, whatever the exercise try and maintain joint alignment (Hip, knee, ankle) and invest in a wobble board. Good luck and listen to the doc ref meds!
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone, saw a physio last time and (after being stubborn) did as I was told and rested, but I don't want to just rest and do nothing this time. Both doc and physio have said I can't do anything that puts pressure on my knee - even driving (try getting my boss to understand that one!) - neither was much help suggesting alternative exercise except repeating the "rest!!" (you are correct mike, I don't do resting very well) which is why I'm appealing to the vast knowledge well of ARRSE.

    Will do the swimming and in a week or so start cycling.

    Thanks again :)
  14. If you don't rest and start back too early you stand the risk of overcompensating and ending up damaging the good knee. Oh yeh, you've done that already haven't you?