Exercise Green Warrior - hello?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Spook_44, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Following the 'fallout' from comments passed after the last Ex GW, are people not going to give their views on what they thought of this one?
  2. Much better than expected seems to be the general thrust of things.
  3. Yes 2 MI appears to be a 'morale' vacuum at the moment...................
  4. is that the 4 MI perspective then?

    i just want to hear if they had another skit night...
  5. Not at all, and not my perspective I hasten to add.

    Am I missing out on some 2 v 4 Bn fight club or something?
  6. And there was me thinking the dimside was united in their battle. :wink:
  7. Handbags at twenty paces. Any further than that and the fablon biff chits will come out.
  8. It was a little odd not to have a certain person appear in all the skits (apart from our 'Dear Leader', of course).
  9. I thought the skits were genius! I laughed my arrse off. On the whole I enjoyed the vast majority of the fortnight, especially the Field Firing Ranges. The village serial at STANTA was pretty special too.

    However.....Theres nothing more demoralising than getting taught one thing by one DS and then getting slagged off for doing it by a different one. Couldn't there have been an agreed DS solution for the serials? Also being expected to carry out things we didnt practice on the fisrt week, to a high standard. (5's and 20's for example??? I personally had never even heard of them until an exercise serial where we got roundly criticized for not doing them properly...erm how is that fair?)
  10. I think the term 'slagged off' by the DS to be a bit strong. The debriefs I experienced usually went along the lines of 'next time think about the other ways you could do it' and focused more upon command, control and leadership.

    I agree that 5s and 20' should appear as a set topic in week one, make sure it's added to your Company's PXR points.

    The link between week 1 and 2 is developing, and getting better all the time. From the conversations between the DS that I overheard, it seems week 2 would benefit from some set training objectives. As to DS solutions, I don't think they are valid anymore. The DS won't be deploying wtih you, in such circumstances the only soultion is the one carried out by the section at that time. The first questoin asked of the section commander in the debriefs I saw, 'what happened and what would you change', seemed to sweep up most of the learning points anyway.
  11. The Bns might dislike each other, but these petty squables are put aside for darksiders though! (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?)
  12. As they say in Latin... mi cellar-dweller es su cellar-dweller.

    or something :)
  13. I take that it was Charlie Oscar's swansong then ????
  14. Indeed it was.
  15. You win again!!!!

    by the way the CoC dont listen!!!