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I'm an OCDT in ULOTC and I have heard of something called Exercise Green Student after being recommended to go on it by my staff at my unit.

Could someone help me out by telling me what it is, what it involves, when is it being run and how do you get yourself on it.



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It was a 3 PARA battlefield study to Eban Emael about a month ago. During which the battle was studied and then elements from the brigade spoke about what they could bring to the party today.
Exercise green student I believe, from my limited knowledge of the uotc, is a course for officer cadets which teaches them commando skills that are taught in the all arms commando course. These include small unit tactics, combat survival and maybe even unarmed combat ( or whatever it is called ). It is ran by 29th commando regiment regiment of the royal artillery.
Ex green student is run by the royal marines at ctcrm lympstone not the royal artillery commando unit, and from the feedback I got from a pal who attended was comprised of a lot of phys and some small unit tactics concluding with a presentation on commissioning with the RM. The lad previously mentioned said it wasn't quite what he expected and had little green training as such but was good to see how life in the RM operates from a potential future applicants point of view.
Not sure who runs it now, but when I did it, it was 29 Cdo at the Citadel that ran it. Great fun. Mind you that was about 20 years ago so it could have changed a bit.........

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Tiktok, these things seem to differ year to year, what otc did you serve with? A few bods opted for the TA p coy last year over green student (overlapped one another) and returned with maroon lids (needless to say the oppertunity to do the jumps did not arrise) never heard of any ocdts doing the all arms commando course though?!
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