Exercise Enduring Help 06 - HELP

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post but I know here it will recieve the most viewings.

Is anyone from putting a team in for this years event and is an experienced rider down? I have done this event 4 times in the past ('00, '01, '03 and '04 - would have done 05 but was on tour) and have been posted to a unit that has neither riders or bikes and I am desperate to join a team.

I am also very experiencd on the organisational front and can assist the team in what to bring and other 'comfort' factors.

I have all my own kit (body armour, helmet, boots etc) and in the past have raised over £600 in sponsorship for a single event.

I can aslo make my own way to Longmoor if required but would rather travel with the team - Salisbury area preferred but not essential.

Please PM me with details if you can offer me a space on your team.

Thanks. :lol:
Thanks for the offer!!

Not yet and still desperate.

Please see your inbox!

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