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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leannemckie, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. hi , I've been told to make an exercise diary but I'm unsure of what exactly has to be in it , and if I don't do any exercise that day do I just leave it blank or do I write down rest day ??
  2. Write down rest day, so you'll know whether you did something or just forgot to fill it in.
  3. If you haven't already ask your Recruiter who will get you a copy of the exercise diary off of your TRHJ journal. Just fill it out each day and on the top of it you will see the kind of fitness and distances and weight you should be carrying. Just write rest day (should have one a week) but include cycling, swimming or sports on there aswell. Ensure in remarks you put that you have had no injuries/pain etc.
  4. okay thankyou , just wondering should I put down exactly how much I have done for example 1 mile this or just write down what I did e.g running
  5. Bloody hell. Just use your common sense. And think about changing your user name so that your recruiters can't see what mongy questions you are asking.
  6. 0430 - Parading at this time in the morning? **** this shit!
    0730 - Breakfast. Shit.
    0830 - Kit check, why the **** have we been here since 0430?
    0900 - Out the gates.
    1030 - It's raining.
    1100 - Arrive on Salisbury Plain.

    0945 - Finally get comms in. Still raining.
    1000 - Bored and cold.
    1100 - Bored and cold.
    and so on for two weeks

    0900 - No exercise traffic for two days. Waiting for ENDEX.
    1000 - Waiting for ENDEX
    1100 - Waiting for ENDEX
    1200 - Waiting for ENDEX
    1300 - Waiting for ENDEX
    1400 - Waiting for ENDEX
    1500 - ENDEX
    1700 - Back at camp, waiting for OC to knock us off
    1800 - Still waiting
    1900 - Still waiting
    2000 - Three minute speech from OC which could have waited till Monday.

    That should cover it.
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  7. Brilliant!^^