Exercise boozing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. A chap in my OTC decided one year that he'd like to experience the satisfying, hoppy taste of Real Ale whilst on exercise. The enterprising chap thus acquired himself a Camelbak. This, he fills with Britain's finest ale (well, the finest that a student can afford), and, bragging about this to his oppos, sets off on exercise.

    He puts his gear on - camelbak, webbing, rifle, bergan - and trots off.

    A couple of hours during while patrolling, he's enjoying himself, and has occasionally supped from the teat of his Camelbak, and is enjoying life - for some reason he doesn't feel quite so cold, wet and miserable as usual.

    Then, something goes wrong - repeated pounding from his 3-piece suite sized bergan has caused Camelbak fatigue. He feels something trickling down the small of his back, and starts to smell fermented malt-based beverage. He ignores this. The trickle turns into a torret, and the 3 litre (IIRC) Camelbak vents itself all down his back, soaking him, his uniform, and his bergan.

    And the poor chap spent the rest of the ex stinking more like a brewery than normal! :lol:

    *disclaimer - what he did was thoroughly irresponsible, and mixing military exercises with alcohol consumption can lead to highly unsafe, yet highly amusing situations - imagine FIBUA when lagered up :twisted:
  2. I found that the smoke dischargers on a CVRT are just the right size for a can of Stella.
  3. Most of the better run CPs in Germany always had a well stocked safe box of alcohol on exercise. Or the REME vehicle mechs with their box bodied 4-tonner nightclub on wheels!
  4. How iresponsible! Medics would never condone that type of behaviour ;)

    We have Lacon boxes :)
  5. Why are you spuring my advances?
  6. Always found room for yellow handbags in the Lynx. Floppies were a bit pushed. As you say, the wilder-reems managed, as did the SQMS, and the Sultan had a few hidey-holes.
  7. Rumour control has it that many years ago, in the days of punitive duty-free allowances, weekend warriors from my old unit would empty the water bowser and fill it with duty free whisky in BAOR to smuggle it past the RMP search teams at Dover.

    They might have got the grot videos, but they never sussed the hundred plus litres of Jack Daniels.

  8. Beacuse the very lovely gado is SANE perchance? :wink:
  9. Yeah right, she is about as sane as me.
  10. Oi!!!! Be NICE about gado.
  11. But not quite as desperate :wink:
  12. Next time you happen upon a REME WR on ex have a look inside the fitted toilet
    (no really, have a look)
    amonst the COSH and Loctit you may perchance find a small bottle of Baileys,

  13. I do remember a wizened old signaller in Coy HQ preparing the rations with lager after the Q Man got lost with the water replen. I think he called it 'Sonofabitch Stew'.
  14. The Milan platoon 1 Tonners with the Ammuntion tube storage racks, Space for plenty of yellow handbags.
  15. It was vittually compulsory within my troop to fill water bottles with cherry brandy before an ex. The SQMS wagon always caught up when leagured up and delivered fresh supplies (on tab) along with the sticky buns and mars bars!!!.