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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by littlejonny, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. How crap is it that we are off on the annual hypothermia tour of Salisbury Plain, I enjoyed getting out years ago but it's all a bit **** now? we used to pi*s off on a grid ref set up the CP and FARP and then chill till the cabs came in?
    What the Fcuk am I doing FIBUA for? Somebody please enlighten me?

    Whinge Ends.

    Littlejonny. :oops:
  2. Its supposed to make you a more rounded soldier and is also supposed to stop you whinging due to being busy and focused. Clearly aint worked and it cant be that bad if you have internet on Ex?
  3. because youre a bloody soldier :lol:

    bring back the lash I say

    fibua is great, I will gladly swap places with you for the duration of the excercise
  4. If I wanted to be "ROUNDED" I would have been a chef? As for online exercising? dont think so I'm not a REME, I depart in the morning. As for keeping busy I could be in camp tackling my ever lasting in-tray instead of running around pretending to be an infantryman? 8O
  5. If you dont like it, sign off. Simple. You admitted yourself that you like the easy life. Not like doing work?
  6. soldier first trade second or whatever the saying is these days
  7. Absolute Bollocks, soldier first. When will they learn that we are AAC, and if you wanted to play soldiers then guess what, wrong HAT !!

    We really want to get good at what we do and stop pissing about, an Infantry man, wants an AAC soldier to get him to the right grid and drop him off, nothing more nothing less.

    PS. Is it my imagination or is selection getting harder………..?
  8. Playing for a few hours in Copehill Down isn't exactly the same as 6 weeks in a hole on Soltau is it? Why is it when the Corps naa the Army asks for 'basic soldiering skills' such as ITD's, everyone gobs off about "we should concentrate on 'trade' first". A week a year to get everyone at least to some sort of standard isn't going to ruin all that hard trade work you should be doing the rest of the year. Is monging it in the HAS, playing uckers all day and whinging about doing trade skills still the order of the day? And I'm sure the Copehill experience will be enjoyed (on reflection) by some of the younger guys. It does actually breed team work you know. Try it, its fun. Read the rest of the Corps thread on this site and we aint that different. Trouble is, we quite often think we are.
  9. Hear hear Slobbers. OBUA is bloody good fun anyway and the blokes who end up doing will probably say afterwards that they had a right laugh.
  10. OBUA is great fun and brilliant for team building.We might be AAC but you never know when you will need the trg for real.There are AAC Groundcrew attached to infantry,engineers and signal units in Iraq. ( I bet they were glad off OBUA trg)

    Remember its better to know what to do and not need to use it, than not know what to do and need to use it
  11. So you firmly believe that we should know a little about everything just in case.

    But should not be a specialist in trade?

    Which is perhaps why the AAC Signalers are not quite as good as they should be, because they are perhaps to busy doing section attacks and CTR on a OP in the middle of some good forsaken training area, instead of honing there communication skills.

    And really what’s the point in streaming a soldier, if he never gets to practice his/her art?

    And pay will never be an issue, just pay us all the same and be done with it. We won’t get high pay grade with that principle.
  12. Wiggly, have you only been in the Corps for a few minutes? You suggest you are forced to do section attacks 365 days of the year to the detriment of trade skills. You should be honing your signal skills in camp. Testing that skill when on ex. Are you saying that on ex, you are doing a full scale inf ex? Doubt it. How about instead of doing very little when back in camp, you have a revolutionary idea and practice setting up the CP, lobbing masts up blindfolded, testing the newer guys on the kit they use, deploy for the day to the country side etc, etc? That would serve two purposes. 1. It will give you something to do instead of whinging. 2. It will actually make you better, not just thinking you are. The point is, you are supposed to be good at your primary job, you have to decide how you will achieve that. Please tell me you are not in charge of men?
  13. Not sure but I don’t believe I mentioned that I was forced to do section attacks 365 Days a year, because with my limited experience, being new to all this soldier stuff and all, I don’t believe that even the Infantry carry out that much training so NO.

    You can not hone any signals skills in camp, there is only one way to practice the fine art of communication and that is while deployed, and I don’t mean set up a CP and provide a safety net, so that the MT/SIGS and SQMS department and any other poor F**k who walked past at the wrong time, can go and play soldiers with some Smock wearing want a bee who failed selection and hasn’t got it out of his system yet.

    No all that said I fully believe that we should provide a well balanced training program for our soldiers to include such things as basic soldiering.

    You can’t beat a good range package or a well constructed battle camp or exercise. But not at the detriment of our Corps Skills, you may heard of a little thing called streaming well there is a very good reason, we wont have time to f**k around with anything other than our Job be it

    a. Flying a helicopter
    b. Re-fueling & Re-arming an AH
    c. Operating some of the most complex digital radio systems
    d. Managing a huge & diverse selection of stores

    And sadly I am not currently in-charge of any men but I don’t believe I had a single complaint when I was.
  14. Hey Wiggly why don't you get some of your ARSIs (are you one?) to write imaginative and worthwhile exercises...that way you don't have to run safety nets etc. All it takes is a bit of imagination from the instructors and support from you 21 C/S. Whilst it is appreciated that everyone is at max commitment, if you are doing what you consider a distraction from your core or stream skills, then you are only going to get time when you're in barracks.
    And no it does'nt have to be three day exercises etc..you can acheive hell of alot with well considered and constructive training days once a week. But it all hinges on the professionalism and interest of all parties.
    So if you are that concerned about it, then get the ball rolling! Hey and it might be good for your CR LOL :wink:
    Oh and don't they need Comms on CTRs or OPs...surely of some training value for signallers with the right thought behind it?
  15. Many thanks for your pragmatic reply to my post, and the sound advice that you give in regards to the management and training that should be delivered to our young soldiers.

    Although I am not sure what effect this may have on my CR?

    Any-who, if you read the whole thread I think you will understand why I jumped in when I did. I should have known better, but on the other hand the thread was dying and needed a boost.

    Perhaps I should have started my own thread with a more defined topic.

    Any exercise instructions would be more than welcome