Exercise ball

Get an exercise ball they are fab, they work the core muscles behind the six pack! I sit on it and watch Tv, they are cheap and effective.......
Mennox said:
what? all you do is sit on it? is that all??
Thats all i do, sit and balance on it. When you get the ball you get a sheet showing you different types of exercises, cost around £10 not a great deal of money!!!!!! you need to use it regular it takes about a month using it 3 times a week to notice any difference. Most gyms have them now, check it out.
Litotes said:
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Get a fat girlfriend and do the same - after all, exercise balls can't cook, get beer from a fidge or give you a gobble!
How much do they cost, though?

I would say you could pick one up for around £10, some super markets sell them, You can buy them from sports shops but can be a little more expensive,i bought mine of e-bay aution site for £6,

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