Exercise Arduous Serpent?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dogfondler, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Mornin' all,
    I've had a fruitless search on here for anything relating to Arduous Serpent (TA Medical Services competition) and was wondering if the Arrse collective had any information, hints and tips about it.
    Grateful for any replies,
  2. Check pm
  3. Yeah if it's anything like last years be prepared for pain and no sleep.

    It's pretty much all Mil skills stuff with some VCP, assault courses, and media ops thrown in. Oh and the march at the end is a beast.
  4. Google AMSTAP.
  5. amstab
  6. The regs play along to now, we compete for different pirizes though.
  7. Is it still fixed?

    We aced it one year and came 2nd. It was because we had won challenge shield and they were spreading the love.

    I did Cambrian the next year instead. I thought Amstap was much more fun.
  8. Dunno if its fixed or not, but last years winners were a big surprise. Not too bothered I bimbled away with some shiney last year at it, we even managed to beat a couple of the reg teams :)
  9. Yes, I hear a TA Fd Hosp won overall - much to the embarrasment of the regulars.
  10. Just saw the admin order for this year, they've got us in body armour, oh joy of joys :sweatdrop:
  11. Pain and no sleep? Wimp

    Sent from my brick using poo stained fingers
  12. Well you hear wrong. There was no embarrassment because it's bullshit. The "winning" TA unit actually came 5th overall behind 4 Regular units. For the record the scores last year were:

    TA Units:

    1st - 306 HSMR - 1622 Pts
    2nd - 225 Med Regt - 1612 Pts
    3rd - 205 Fd Hosp - 1591 Pts

    Regular Units:

    1st - 22 Fd Hosp - 1798 Pts
    2nd - 34 Fd Hosp - 1769 Pts
    3rd - 4 Med Regt - 1635 Pts

    The Regular & TA Units do not compete against each other and the Regular Med Regts generally enter teams from their TA Sqns, though there may be the odd regular thrown in for good measure.
  13. Most things are more fun than Cambrian hehe!
  14. Ever get any international teams entering?
  15. No. They'd show us up with their fit birds.

    There was an international reservist competition at Redcar. Last time I did it the Germans won. Typical.