Exemption for our disgraceful parliamentarians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Having 'lost' the debate to allow exemption for MPs and Peers from the Freedom of Information Act (an Act introduced by THIS government) a 'trick' has been pulled to re-introduce it this coming Friday.

    There can be no reasons for these politicos to be exempt. What exemption next ? Exempt from tax ? Exempt from proseqution ?

    It is a disgrace that Cameron has not distanced himself from the Tory MP who is piloting this measure, and will give many people much food for thought.

    What is even more disgraceful and at the same time ludicrous, is that the government is 'supporting' this proposal by not opposing it. In other words they are opposing their own legislation.

    Just been listening to the so-called Lord Chancellor (a former flat-mate of Bliar) wriggling like a fine brown trout on the end of a line. Being gently questioned by Liabour's MP in Residence at the BBC - Naughtie - he simply couldn't answer the simple question posed again and again.

    What a third rate twerp Mr. Falconer is !
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Utterly disgraceful. This attempt to limit the impact on the FOI Act on Parliament was scuppered recently, by a combination of LibDem/Labour/Conservative MPs with some morals, but has been brought back to life with the full connivance of the Government.

    Can they not see that this has lowered the already low opinion of Parliament further into the gutter?

    Either they realise this and simply do not care, or they are living so far from reality as to be very dangerous indeed.
  3. Not sure where the trick is.

    Report this morning said that it was luck that time allocated for such bills, and no other such bill is at the right stage.

    If, however, someone else has withdrawn a bill to make time available .....

    A plague on (nearly all of) them
  4. They have done their best to get this through with incredibly low scrutiny and profile, and had it not been for some impressive filibustering they would have succeeded.

    With the profile this now has surely the opposition must unite against it, if only to try to prevent the utter disolutionment of the populous.
  5. I wouldn't want to be thought of as standing up for this, but one of the factors is making sure that correspondence with constituents on potentially sensitive matters doesn't come into the public domain. But it must be possible to prevent that without needing a blanket ban.
  6. Funny you should mention it, but I belive that they are desperate to introduce this through the back door of the EU 'Constitution Lite'. As I write this, every employee of the EU working in the UK is already protected by Diplomatic Immunity and is exempt from UK taxes. This applies not only to senior members of EU institutions working with various UK government ministries, but down to EU vets, EU water inspectors, EU sanitation experts, EU... well you get the idea. Currently there are over 10,000 of the buggers in the UK. They are protected from prosecution and exempt from tax. They do not have to pay speeding fines, they do not pay council tax, etc. While I accept such benefits are essential for diplomats (mainly to protect our own in less hospitable countries), I see no argument that comes close to justifying this level of protection for EU nationals in another EU country.

    They do pay a deduction in lieu of tax, just like I did when working for the UN. The current EU rate is about 10%.

    The politicians of the UK see this and simply want to give themselves the same priveledges. If they can say "well it is standard across the EU..." then they will. The final aim of the EU, come federalisation, is to have a governing elite ruling the proles. The governing elite will be protected from scrutiny, protected from their own laws (and probably protected from even bothering with elections).

    Contempt? I would never be so polite or restrained in my comments about the scum that currently fester in the Mother of Parliaments.
  7. The covers for private information are already in place under the Data Protection Act.

    As of yet there have been no problems or complaints about private personal information being released due to the implementation of the current legislation.

    Well apart from the squeaking when the MPs' allowances have been reported.
  8. My bold - You are of course correct IF there was no trickery. The problem here is that the politicians are now so discredited that nobody believes anything they say and nobody is going to believe in this bit of "luck".

    What a disgraceful shower of sh1t! They have dragged Parliament into the gutter with their behaviour.
  9. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


    In the grand scheme of things, this is very small fish, but a prime example of their "one rule for us..." attitude is the exemption from the smoking ban for the Houses of Parliament. I don't smoke, but I'm tempted to get through a pack of Marlborough Extra-Strong-Cancer-Guaranteed in the private members club to which I belong on July 1st.

    Oh and I don't know if the author of this is an ARRSEr, but they damn well should be! :D
  10. Having had the dubious pleasure of working with Lord F., in Liverpool moreover, I am afraid you discard him as a third rate twerp at your peril. He is a sharp operator but was unable to openly lie, because it was so obvious, he had to flat-spin and unfortunately on this occasion couldn't shake off the Naughty Baron who forced him down in flames.
  11. 'Cuddles', I don't doubt your personal estimation of the fat overweight, unelected, unaccountable twerp, but I too have seen 'sharp operators' at work and 'Mr' F wouldn't get to the starting blocks.

    Yes, I know the level of language I use reduces the effect of my argument, but the man epitomises the mire into which the fraudster Bliar has dragged our country. As a result I am now quite unable to control either my thinking or my typing!

    Mr F is no more a 'lord' than I am, nor any chocolate or liver coloured labrador one might encounter whilst out walking. He happended or happens to be a friend of the Prince of Sleaze - the wannabee President of Europe.

  12. Oh - and you'll remember the days of the duty-free for cross-EEC travel (eg Dover-Calais).

    This was stopped by the EU to bring in a single market. Except for MEPs and their ilk as they wrote an exemption in for themselves. Large (tax free) whiskies all round !.

  13. I haven't heard the debate. Can someone please tell me what special grounds for exemption have been put forward that don't apply to all the other organisations accountable to the public?
  14. I really hope you folks do not allow your society to totally fall prey to the ministries of the EU...
  15. By exempting politicians from the Freedom of Information Act it lets us all know that they certainly have something to hide and they don't want us to know about it.The only way to get round this is to vote at the next election by voting them out of their greedy gravy train jobs. Let your MP know what your intentions are at the next election and do it I say.