Exempt from call-up?

Does anyone know if ex-squaddies on the HR reserve are still liable for call-up if they are full-time students?  


dont think so cos the govt will tell you to study part-time in a foxhole in between attacks! :p no getting out of it
Sorry to disapoint you vespa, I ain't going nowhere.  Not while I'm serving with the unit I'm currently with.  (Hint - It's the one that's been on permenant operational service since it's inception - going on 30 odd years now!)  Was asking on behalf of someone else.  Anyone actuall know the answer to this?




The headshed line is:

If call out seriously effects an intended course of education you have grounds to appeal.

Fact is the appeal course will tell u to **** off



I think you are safe from call up unless:

1. You were once a squaddie with a valuable trade, eg signals, especially if you have experience with SatComs

2. You have experience with Internal Security Doctrine, especially in an urban environment.

3. You have had experience in dealing with a religious conflict situation.

4. You have been to the gulf region before (circa 1991) and your Antrhrax/Sarin/VD jabs are still valid.

5. You understand the significance of the historical and archaeoligical sites in Iraq.

The only way you might get out of it is if you have done anything that may offend or cause problems to our Arab hosts, such as a diplomatic incident and deportation from Bahrain.  ;)


**** it mate, you may as well look forward to it. Bit of sun, getting away from your boss for a while. Take out any frustrations on a few arabs. Might be quite refreshing.
Tabber - See my post to vespa on the issue.  Am already operational thank you.  Besides, my skin doesn't take the sun well.  Found that out last time around.  Somebody elses turn this time around!!

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