Exemplary Gurkha faces deportation AND NHS bill for wife

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by actiontoday, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. 'Exemplary' Gurkha faces deportation AND an NHS bill for comatose wife


    A Gurkha with an "exemplary" Army record faces deportation from the UK and could be forced to pay thousands of pounds in hospital fees after his wife collapsed in a coma.

    Purna Gurung, 55, was proud to be a British soldier for 15 years and earned medals for service and good conduct.

    But he has been refused permission to settle in Britain and is reduced to surviving on handouts from the Royal British Legion and the generosity of friends and family.

    He also faces a bill for his wife's treatment at an NHS hospital in Nottingham, because there is no reciprocal healthcare funding deal with his native Nepal.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    SHAME - that's what I feel. I am ashamed that we, as a nation could ever treat such loyal, decent and hard-working people this way, and yet give far more preferential treatment to scum, low-lifes and various immigrants, whether diseased or not who have contributed nothing at all for the betterment of this nation and never will. We'd rather give legal aid to terrorists than medical treatment and a home to British Forces veterans.

    One more nail in the coffin of this once-great nation.
  3. I don't understand how a man can serve a country for 15 years and not be granted citizenship. Its fcuking mental, any old nutter from the EU can wander in as he pleases, and this poor sod has to go back to nepal.

    What is goin on?
  4. Morally this is wrong and this govt know it. Shall we start another ARRSE campaign/petition?

    Welcome to Labour's kind and caring policies. Feckin' shameful and a plague on all those who voted them in.
  5. Comment left and story passed to the Gurkhas that I work with.
  6. Maybe you lad's could swap a few hundred chav's for him, send the chavs to Nepal to be worked to death and let this man have a nice easy going retirement?
  7. Makes me wonder just why I bothered serving 22 years ? To finish up with a government who would do this ???
    Brown and the rest of his cronies should hang their heads with shame
  8. disgusting
  9. If there are times i wonder why i serve this country, this is one of them.

    I was hoping this was an April fool joke. Yet again this bloody government issue a swift kick to the b*llocks of a loyal Gurkha, i am sure it wont be the last. The one time he needs help from the country he served loyalaly and the governments response is to deport him and his sick wife, yet we spend millions helping illegal immigrants.

    This is a f*cking disgrace
  10. Perhaps if he starts a movement whoes ultimate aim is the destruction of the UK then the government will let him stay and activily encourage his activities.
  11. Fcuking wrong.

    At least treat his wife, and don´t give him a bill.

    What sort of cnuts do we have running the NHS, Home Office and Country?
  12. Its about votes and politics , Johnny G is never going to vote Labour....Chavs and EU things are! the more you let in the more the Neu Liarbor can hold on to power...not much difference between Mugabe and broon really
  13. How many Chavs do you imagine vote....if in fact they can read in the first place. :?
  14. Absoulutly shocking, but what would you expect in this day and age!!