Execution futures - come the revolution!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SkiCarver, May 29, 2008.

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  1. With all the recent threads about the UK turning into a soviet state, with invasions of privacy, loss of rights, a morally bankrupt parliament there have been numerous 'jokes' about the coming revolution.

    Well, in true capitalist style I think we should try to profit from this. We are going to auction off the right, to execute our honourable (?!) members of parliament when the revolution finally arrives. All proceeds will go the 'help them out' aka 'the begging bowl'.

    Bidding will start Saturday, but first we need requests for the first 10 'candidates' to be put up for auction, with a justification.

    Which MP do you want to kill and why .... and how?

    If there is some other individual who you feel deserves their place in the auction, please make your case.

    Also, if there is some MP who you feel should be spared; keep quite or you’re going to join them! :evil:

    I feel that we should keep Broon and Broon for the last round of auctions, but I am open to persuasion. (in the form of a begging bowl donation)

    Let the nominations commence!


    Edited to add; Hazel Blears MP, because shes in the labour party, and by axe. :twisted:

    edited to add:

    current auctions running - Tony Blair.

    current nominees to go up for auction this saturday.

    Hazel Blears
    that rubber faced trout Wendy Alexander
  2. 1 round 1 gun

    30mm cannon of the warrior, just line them all up, gordo in the top ten and see how many i could take out with one shot
  3. so that would be a new game, execution skittles!
  4. Do 'em all ... Guy Fawkes stylee. Spare no-one. Except the Black Rod dept, one's an ex Sapper.

    edited to say ... and the MP who wrote the email slagging off the RAF, he was/is a RE TA Officer. And possibly Paddy Pantsdown. But that's it ... spare no-one.
  5. you need to see there faces of remorse, (as if) so Guy Fawkes stylee would be out (i think) as its too easy (unless you locked the doors and they noticed the leak coming from the roof was not water but something highly flammable
  6. Tony blair - Lets start him of NOW! He's got to be included!

    I'm sure I can find a mace somewhere in london. one good swing to the melon. smashing!

    £50 to the begging bowl. anyone for any more!? Auction will run till 20.00hrs next friday. (6th june)

  7. Do the "devolved" parliaments count as well?

    If so can I get that rubber faced trout Wendy Alexander? Me , her , a turkey baster full of pate and some hungry rodents should do the trick .
  8. I nominate you Ski Carver you boring c*ck
  9. The behaviour of our current MPs is clearly treason.

    The traditional punishment for treason is hanging drawing and quartering.

    Arguably this is too humane for MPs, but I think we should go with tradition.

    Executions would be least serious offender first, with the others watching, so that they have the opportunity to ponder the error of their ways.

    As regards candidates, I suggest everybody who ever voted the same way as Gordon Brown.
  10. id go or brown and blair drop them in in the middle of basra or helmund and see how long they last it would be fun watching them beg
  11. The guilty bastards - Get them all in a line second one in the line gets given a hammer to smash the person to death in front, once the deed is done they pass the hammer behind them so the one behind can execute them, so on and so forth! What to do with the last one in the line you say?

    Will schedule it on TV on a Saturday night, call it 'Execution Factor!' Whoever gets the most votes gets to stand at the back of the queue and execute the penultimate person in the queue.

    (They also get to stand at the front of the queue next week!) :twisted:

    Well I'd watch it!
  12. I saw a programm once about a psychopathic hit man you used to tie up his victims in a cave infested with rats, he would then video tape them getting eaten alive.
  13. Like it! :lol:
  14. It was a real life interview with him by a psychologist, but we could adapt the idea into a Big Brother style show. :D
  15. Who said they were jokes, I'm knocking up a wooden public hanging platform in the back garden.