Execution by mortar shell... For getting on the lash.

So it seems the glorious leader of 1930's-Topia has a bit of a mean streak in him. Basically, he's a fucking maniac. Any bets on what new and interesting punishments he'll think up in his next few years? Rogered to death by a randy tortoise? Clown throws landmine in the face? Get out the Black and Decker and the longest extension bit and drill the poor fucker's brain out through his arsehole?

North Korean official executed for drinking during the 100-day mourning for late 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-il | Mail Online

Oh and I bet that little Kim-Jong-Un of course was staying off the booze and wanking during the WHOLE mourning period...
Yeah and he just had his ex-girlfriend machine-gunned to death for allegedly making a porno. What a completely mental country.

Funnily enough I bet that if Kim Jong Un personally fired a mortar full of Sarin into a crowded town, the US wouldn't give a flying fcuk. All those morals and stuff about "innocent civilians" etc would be conveniently ignored.
Un has probably only recently consolidated his power, he's just having a spring clean.

His ex and the porno tape is probably driven by his current shag. Who should probably take the results on as a life lesson too.
"punishment was also meted out to anyone who even made a mobile phone call out of the country."

Jeebus, things aren't what they used to be in NK.

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