Excuses to get out of work

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Just had one of my guys pull the "I've had a burst pipe in the quarter" one this morning.

    Nice sunny day, off on a weekend away etc etc, you get the picture. Anyway, I was thinking that it wasn't really original, so what is the most original way you have got out of work, and the question is, do you think your boss bought it....or did you get caught out and well and truly busted!
  2. Told a friend to say I'd gone sick - when infact I was pumping a naafi bird.

    The boss knew full well I hadn't gone sick though, apparently he just replied with a sly smile "oh, has he".
  3. Well sort off got off work had been on ex over the weekend bashed my knee it was a bit swollen carried on told medic i would go sick on the monday morning she was happy with that, on the sunday night went out got bladdered woke up at 0930 monday morning thought was in the sh*t (0745 start) so went med centre with knee got chit gave to boss nothing more was said.
  4. This is bloody slander!!!

    I have got a leek!,and some onions,and spuds all in me mams soup, its colder up North mind, i just cant believe you fell for it!!!!

    p.s. im taking pictures and sending them to you!!!
  5. Heard of a girl who rang work to say she wouldn't be coming in today. Boss asked whether it was because she wasn't feeling well enough to come to work. She replied no, on the contrary she was feeling far too good to come to work!
  6. And another thing, you rang me at home, that was to check up on me wasn't it???

    I thought the blue jobs trusted there guys and treat them like adults??? for shame!!!! :(

    or is it cos i is in da rmy and u fink am fick and canit be trustid????

    shocked 8O i am, and hurt :( , and ........shocked
  7. lol - I'm just writing out sick letters from my boss, one of the comments to one of the particularly work-shy one's:

    "...I suggested that you should get the flu vaccine which would offer further protection. I also advise that you use hand gel if you have concerns about contracting illness from clients."

    Taken out of context, of course...
  8. Actually, hadn't thought of that, but then you did say that Mrs Hallveg wouldn't be ready till the afternoon, so I knew that you would still be at home now, wish I was a devious as that.

    Piccies are no proof though. Ever heard of photoshop? Ever seen nude piccies of Jennifer Aniston? Hmmmmmmm

    I like original excuses, try something like the cats got genital warts and the vet's told you you have to freeze each one off with and upside down air duster.
  9. oh no thats it im officialy ..........HURTED!!!..........

    can any of you leagal eagles out there tell me my best course of action, im sure infiltrator has broken some european rule about picking on skivers or something???

    whats my best, option, shall i sue him directly or the mod???

    or shall i claim that i have stress because of the lack of trust in my work place and have 3 months off????
  10. When I lived in Norwich I had a boiler that burst 3 times.

    How unlucky was that ?
  11. Which bit? The living in Norwich part or the boiler?
  12. Living in Norwich, what a hole
  13. Like we'd notice the difference? Just how many hours have you worked over the last week? Hm?
  14. I took a call from someone who's granddad died.....three times in one year!?

    I thought they outlawed bigomy?
  15. Best excuse I heard someone use ."My uncles dog dieded " She was actually quite upset about it .told polietly to go away have a cup of tea and pull themselves together .Only after they had shut the door did we start laughing .they dont call the nursing proffesion a caring
    one for nothing.