Excuses for not being called up???

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Due to the fact that 10000 reservists may be receiving thier call up papers in the next few days, any ideas for responses for those not keen to partake in the festivities???

Such as.....

I'm gay.......oops can't use that one anymore.

;D ;D
I've converted to Islam  ;D
Bloody hell, have you been looking at our OOB?  ;D

Converted to Islam, and am willing to take a blood test, to prove I am Sadaams' long lost progeny...

Ha!  Pick the bones out of that Glasgow..... ;D


Just say no :)

The gay thing no longer will get you out of it. :-* I must say the converted to Islam answer might swing it. I think I will just tell them I`m an alcoholic or something if they call me. :D

So what is the legal deal if they do call you and you said no? Has it ever happened before? Recently I mean.


Sounds like you are concerned O_S.

I would keep a close eye on your mail over the next few days!!!!

It could be you..........

Not sure if alcoholic would work, might get you promoted though!
I'm having a sex change that week..... Alluh Akbar!

Actually, I'm not concerned. We should look at this as an adventure, and an unprecedented opportunity for personal advancement and self-enrichment, the likes of which haven't been seen, since 1945.

Now, if big politics wants to use this , as a reason to prop up Wall Street mateys, then we at the sharp end, should also do our bit to aid and abet the Military commerce machine.

To this end, i intend to seize a couple of oil wells all of me very own. Maybe knock over an Al-Barclays or two. I shall also need to borrow a Challenger, cos them doors on the Iraqi Gold reserve vault are a bit tasty, if you get my meaning.

So , I am inviting potential shareholders to join PTP Invasion Enterprises. Shares haven't been issued yet, but some of the things on our shopping list include MBT's, CAS on demand, a Company of Infantry, at least 2 Chinooks , some Arty and a useful getaway driver..

So when are we going then?  ;D


War Hero
say you smoke gange on a regular basis.  The Army would have to kick you out for this anyway and civvi st wouldn't be bothered if you admitted this.


I'd just say you kicked me out on Friday after 22 years, so why do you want an old WO2 for now. Plus my gout is playing up!


i would say i´m a regular user abuser of drugs,get myself certified clinically insane and that i love raping women..........................NOT really but i would give it a shot.