Excuse the profanity but have i completely fucked myself?

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Hey. I applied a couple weeks ago and got my medical questionnaire through. I suffered a short period of depression and went to the docs about it a year ago. The spell was minimal, and I only saw the doc the one time. I clicked on the wrong section (under drug abuse and self harm) and put i had a spell and gave the date. Application denied. any one have any similar problems and any advice? I had a look and they say 3 years after last 'episode'.

I guess it will be on my medical file so what are my options? Would either phoning and explaining help (is there a contact number) or do i have to appeal with doc's reports etc?

Im nearly 29 and dont want to wait another 2 years to reapply.

silly billy
Im actual living in Swanage but my local recruitment is in Bournemouth
Give them a ring, with basic literacy standards being what they are you won't be the first person to do this.

See what comes back.......
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