Excuse the profanity but have i completely fucked myself?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Vengeance Esq, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Hey. I applied a couple weeks ago and got my medical questionnaire through. I suffered a short period of depression and went to the docs about it a year ago. The spell was minimal, and I only saw the doc the one time. I clicked on the wrong section (under drug abuse and self harm) and put i had a spell and gave the date. Application denied. any one have any similar problems and any advice? I had a look and they say 3 years after last 'episode'.

    I guess it will be on my medical file so what are my options? Would either phoning and explaining help (is there a contact number) or do i have to appeal with doc's reports etc?

    Im nearly 29 and dont want to wait another 2 years to reapply.

  2. Deferred yes.
  3. silly billy
  4. could i in theory explain at my recruitment centre i clicked the wrong button and ask for a new medical test to be sent?
  5. need to fix this asap - spent the last couple hours looking at the legion... damn.
  6. You wouldn't hail from the Plymouth part of the world, would you, Vengeance old boy ?
  7. Im actual living in Swanage but my local recruitment is in Bournemouth
  8. Give them a ring, with basic literacy standards being what they are you won't be the first person to do this.

    See what comes back.......
  9. At your age, you'll need to wait another 30 years before applying to the RBL.
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  10. If you have no military exp.Forget about the legion.
  11. I can only try right? Il head into the recruitment centre and ask to speak to an advisor.
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