Excuse me, but ............

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eve1962, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. So what is the relevant forum????
  2. We don't have a forum for clapped out minicab radio operators... that wear american tan tights and comb thier hair with fireworks.

    Yahoo or MSN groups probably accomodate.

    Do the whole board a favour and Never ever ever ever ever ever start a new thread ever ever ever ever again.
  3. Eve, I have some extraordinary patience. You are trying them to the extreme.

    Yes, that was a polite PM I sent to you. Your reply to me was rude to say the least.

    If you wish to take this further, be my guest.
  5. Burn her!! Burn her!!
  6. Its a Squaddie site, therefore a site full of squaddies and ex squaddies.

    Ask again where you fit in?

    Wouldn't be so bad if you just posted now and then but you have to start the dullest most bone threads...... Everyone is tired of wading through shite.

    Saw your dogs nose off and eat the fcuking thing.

    Ref not telling you what to do ever..... OK, but instead I am praying for a large wardrobe to fall on you
  7. Eve, are you a brain tumor victim??

    I asked you to not start a topic that would blatentley provoke ie in Lonely Hearts.

    The correct forum is here, in my domain. Well done, at least you did one thing right.
  8. And BTW, eve. If you are going to quote me, quote me correctly.
  9. You ARE trying my patience ........... do all squaddies have YOUR sad humour?? If so, GOD rest the British army ............. you are not the KING of this site ........... if I bore you, stay away from my posts. Simple. So Happy New Year and let's stay away from each other yeh?? I never read your posts, so don't read mine. Our "nice" comments have been forgotten by YOU .......... live and let live.
  10. I'm jolly glad I'm trying your patience I'm hoping I try it so much it brings on an embolism.

    You are a boil on the sites arse....... No joy in making that wardrobe topple on you yet then?
  11. Wardrobe?

    Starting to think a cast iron safe might be better...........................

  12. The PMS prove my point - people say things in private. You have a point to prove, for some bizarre reason. Sort your life out before you take your anger out on others.

  13. Close the door on your way out - there's a good chap
  14. Thank fcuk for that!

    Is it a permanent thing? should we bake cakes and get the flags out?