Exclusive: Israel buys 2 new submarines from Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Germany may be subsidizing the purchase.
  2. Lada or BMW which would you buy :D .?
  3. Lets face it the wider Russian submarine experience has not been top of the pops now has it? Mind you they could always ask the Canadians about their expereiences of buying 2nd hand UK ones.
  4. KGB,

    The reason why Israel are buying German and not Russian is that if they bought Russian, they'd have to pay full whack for them. As noted in the article, Germany are stumping up 1/3 of the costs.
    As usual, Israel sticks its hand out for freebies.
    Now there's a surprise...... :roll:
  5. I'm sure the Israeli's would be more proficient at operating the subs correctly though.....
  6. The German Dolphins seem to have a much broader capability than the Russian Kilos.
    All other things being equal, if I was in the market for a sub, I'd want a U-boat.
  7. Matelot, unfortunately in Australia we only received the more dramatic reports of the Canadians in a sea of trouble off Ireland and never got the follow up as to the cause. Let me guess, hatch left open?
  8. Birdie,

    Yes, inner and outer hatches left open in rough seas. Both hatches open, sea water and electronics are not a good combination.......

    Tragic that a guy died but the Canadians have only themselves to blame-there was absolutely nothing wrong with the sub.
  9. .

    My understanding is the German subs are the quietest subs produced. The better to get close to Iran with. As far as cost ,the Israelis will probably get the money from the US anyway.
  10. There are some places on the Earth where Lada-Niva is much better than any BMW.

    And why do you ask a question about civil cars? What would you prefer to have M-16 or Kalashnikov? This question is more reasonable.

    However, as I understand German government pays 1/3 and 2/3 would be paid by our American friends (directly or indirectly)... It is a free market anyway.
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    Nothing wrong with supporting your allies
  12. Yes there is. Israel has made a very very good job of placing itself as America's ally, with very little justification for why this should be so.

    Just how much of an ally repeatedly spies on it's main benefactor or sells on sensitive technology?

    And yes, of course Israel got a subsidised deal and went to Germany. 60 years of collective guilt is certainly worth a discount.

    Well done Germany , you weren't thinking of putting any soldiers in UNLEBFOR then?