Exclusive: Heather divorce papers sensation - Macca beat me

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mukhabarat2003, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Seriously though - if you were faced with this first thing in the morning you would want to put it out with a shovel as well would't you?
  2. 'The papers claim Sir Paul vomited on himself after a drinking session towards the end of their relationship and staggered home drunk and slurring, demanding his dinner. '

    Poor old Heather, that must be worth an extra million at least...
  3. It must be a laugh a minute doing it doggy with her.
  4. All this about wheelchair, crutches and having to crawl seriouslt clashes with all the images and publicity I have ever seen or read. She made a great thing about how normal she was even with her peg leg
  5. I wouldn't kick it out of bed - I'm stumped for a shag as it is..............
  6. Your assistant sounds like he/she's up for it.
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

  8. So he gets leglass then get his one legged lass to leg it to the kitchen and foot him a butty. Sounds like he's got his feet on the ground and several legs under the kichen table. Did he leg (sorry) lag hisel' as well?
  9. Not up for anything SN - always late, unshaven, dirty boots, unpressed trousers, male and definately, apart from gender, not my type.
  10. You raise an interesting point - was the leg kept on during sex?
  11. Without proof, does she have a leg to stand on?

  12. I saw the title "Macca beat me" and thought they'd had a race!, I'm not surprised he won.
  13. With a properly shaped stump there'd be no need to buy a strap-on for something different!
  14. Her face says it all. She's a greedy grasping fecker and he should have seen it at the start - where's the prenuptial agreement?