EXCLUSIVE: Carpeted: Dozens of cadets at Sandhurst broke coronavirus rules in a drunken party at the prestigious military academy


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There was a fairly notorious case at RAFC Cranwell in the 1990s where the best male and female students on a particular IOT were caught shagging on a billiard table at their commissioning ball. They didn't get commissioned at midnight and were back-termed for the duration of the entire course.

I wonder how apocryphal this one is; I was a DEOC (Direct Entrant Officer Cadet) at Sleaford Poly in the very early 90s and this story was thundering around the gossip channels then.

Reason I say that it may be apocryphal is this. Prior to my first exped to OASC I was hosted at the home of a family friend for an evening of "hints & tips for OASC" as well as much beer & vino; this would've been mid-1988. The bloke in question - a legend amongst Rockapes, eventually retiring as a 1* - had been a Sqn Commander at IOT and also a Boarding Officer at OASC, so I was understandably keen to listen to anything he had to say. One of the humorous little ditties he came out with was that of the "Sword of Honour and Sash of Merit winners being caught in flagrante on the snooker table in CHOM" (College Hall Officers' Mess).

I'm not saying it didn't happen, it possibly has some basis in fact. I (personally), however, park it in the same drawer as the "Not at my end, RSM" and the "ROS daughter getting 6v1-ed in the Guardroom" urban legends.
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