EXCLUSIVE: Bin Laden family in bid for Newcastle

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by singha61, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. originally read this on another forum did a google for the origin came from The Daily Mail

    A wealthy construction company run by the family of terrorist Osama bin Laden has emerged as a shock front-runner to buy Newcastle United, a source with links to the club claimed last night.


    Follow up
    Newcastle deny owner Ashley is negotiating to sell Toon to terrorist Bin Laden's family
  2. Well, Bin Laden's been living in a squalid cave, in a desert-like environment for 7 years without a win...Newcastle shouldn't be too much of a culture shock.
  3. From a hot, sandy desert to a social and cultural one.
  4. Occasionally, men of violence sicken of the endless round of brutality and long to move to a less savage environment. If that happens, they can always go back to Afghanistan.
  5. So,when they send him his season ticket,could THEY deliver it?
  6. Shandy swilling Southern/Jock/Welsh/Scouse/Manc* (Delete as applicable) puffs. How dare you badmouth the true etnnic English..conquerors of you all.

    Come the revolution you will all be executed on the penalty spot (Ok so we'd probably miss but thats another story)
  7. Crikey cad, I never imagined you as a Geordie! I say...Newcastle United? What an absolute shower...
  8. You forgot to add; Garlic munching baguette weilding French tw@ts. They are from south of Gateshead and thus part of the Vichy conspiracy!

    Hey does this mean we can expect aircraft flying into Felling flats?
  9. Just too good not to stick in the Sports Forum :D
  10. STOP PRESS............NEWCASTLE LAUNCH NEW HOME KIT...........


    Quick Cad....the burning crosses man!