Exclamations of Disbelief...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wg100, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. What do you say...?

    Read a good one in the paper today: "Shit your leg off!"
  2. Well i've never found the right time to use this one but it was from good old Red Dwarf
    "Well spin my nipplenuts and send me to Alaska"
  3. A popular one in Australia is 'crap on!'.
  4. "Well Bu_gger Me with a fishfolk"
  5. Had away and sh*te!
  6. "Well dip me in chocolate and throw me to the Lesbians"
  7. shave my ass, stick me in a dress and call me shiela!!
  8. i've always been fond of fcuk me gently with a chainsaw
  9. Enough of the foreplay Beanz, what about the exclamation of disbelief?
  10. Feck me... what was that?........... The Mayor of Hiroshima...
  11. "well rodger me with a prize winning leek!"
  12. Judge Advocate: "and were you surprised by this, Petty Officer?"
    Old Salt: "Surprised? You could have buggered me backwards through me oilskins!"
    Brief: "I believe my client means he was taken aback m'lud"..........
  13. round my way people have know to retort with

    "fcuking spiders" or

    "strap back"

    said in loud macho tones
  14. Oh lummy! 8O
  15. Well spank my ass and call me Charlie