excitments kicking in now!...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Just done my Oath Of Allegiance this morning, got my certificate, train ticket, kit list, and arriving at Catterick info booklet.

    Getting really excited/nervous now as its only 21 days till i go (1st july)

    In the booklet it says we visit the 'Leeds Armory Museum' is this definate? and is it any good?

    Anyone got any other info/advice they could share with me that would be great.

    Many thanks.

  2. Which part are you joining?
  3. I'd presume it was the army 'part'
  4. the rifles :)

    3rd battalion edinburgh
  5. Cool.
    They your local regiment then?
  6. well im from newcastle, and the sarg said endinburgh was the closes one, so yeh i presume so :)

    cant wait! how far are you in the process?
  7. Oh i'm not very far.
    Just looking into various options here and there.

    Tried out for the Royal Marines almost 3 years ago but didn't get it.
    Was a bit gutted about it but, thats life. Now possibly looking into other areas. Got a mate I might be joining up with.

    Anyway good luck to you mate.
  8. Heres some advice.
    See my bold above,
    Dont ever, EVER use that word again. You are not a yank or an actor out of The Bill.
    Other than that, good luck
  9. Not really much to offer just my congratulations mate.

    I held off my application for a couple of months as i had some bits going on home and wanted to work on my fitness some more. Ive got to go to my ACO run club end of this week and confirm my run times again and then get my selection dates. Cant wait.

    Good luck matey!!
  10. Haha sorry mate. and thanks for the good luck.

  11. Hey good luck mate, i'm up their atm in week 14 and love it so far. Just keep your head down and work hard :thumleft:
  12. Go 'ed lad! 8)

    I shouldn't be too far behind you. Got my oath next week, going in Infantry (Mercian).
  13. Well done mate!
    How did you feel when you were taking the oath? I imagine very proud :)
  14. such a proud day. the way the captain and majors talked to you made you feel very important and made you relise you have come along way to get this far etc...

    i certainly wont forget it...and my mum framed the certificate straight away lol :roll:
  15. hey matey, thanks alot...so whats it like up there? any info or advice you can give me. best of luck with the rest of your weeks.

    take care