Excited / Nervous Potential Recruit

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by noize, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Thought I would make a brief introduction.

    It's taken me a number of years to finally decide that this is what I want to do, but I'm ready and I'm awaiting my medical forms being given the nod (There's nothing immediately wrong I can think of!) so I can go to selection.

    I look forward to .. uh.. meeting? You all in the forums soon.
  2. Your run times bonk, you need to be smashing a decent 10k run, with gradients a few times a week and be able to recover quickly. Dont start ******* around with weight on your back either like some chimps do, just get very 'run' fit with some decent upper body thrown in, they'll deal with the rest.
  3. You should be smashing around 8.30 as a young thruster
  4. Thanks guys. I'll keep on at it. Passing selection is at the forefront of my mind right now, and I haven't even been given a date for that yet! I know the times will keep getting better and better. I'm being driven on pure determination right now I think.
  5. I don't profess to be a PT expert, but I would advise you too mix your training regime a little. Put in some speed sessions as well as middle and long distance. And as said above do not put weight on your back, there is no need. That's what basic trg is for. Good luck
  6. I'll get cracking then! What advice would you give for selection? As much / important stuff as possible would be greatly appreciated :)

    (Can you see i've gone a bit overboard with the 'homework'?)
  7. Check out the stickies on the joining up threads, when you pass selection you will be sent on a PRAC course

    Soldier recruiting - British Army Website
  8. I'm quite excited /terrified equal measure. Especially about the trainasium.
  9. Do a search on YouTube for Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC), this will give you all the information you need for selection or ask your recruiter for a copy of the ADSC DVD, they're not produced anymore, but I know there are plenty knocking about. Good luck
  10. If you fall off the trainasium, remember to shout Geronimo, it gives the staff plenty of time to get clear.
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  11. I used to build my confidence by ******* around on building site scaffolding and incomplete roofs. Wouldn't recommend it now in this H&S culture
  12. Thank you mate, I watched it at the recruitment center (Starts off with a cpl shouting at kids getting off a south west train train?) and watched it again last night. I guess I'm hungry for any knowledge that will give me an edge.
  13. I have definately considered it tbh, I'm pretty into my urbex and have been cavorting around many abandoned buildings but as lame as it is, there's a fear of getting caught and nicked for trespass on scaffolding and abandoned buildings - something which could affect my chances of getting in.
  14. Will remember ;) That's assuming I get that far. How did you find the milling?
  15. I've just left a recruiting office, just keep doing the homework, give it 110% at ALL stages of the recruiting process, including selection, don't get disheartened when things start to take a long time (parts of the process can be long and drawn out, whole process takes approx. 6-12 months) and keep badgering your recruiter, let him know you're interested and you mean business, but most importantly, understand what it is you want to do and WHY you want to do it.