Exchange with US Army.

Has anyone been on one of these exchage programmes with the US Army? If so, could anyone tell me what it's like, would be interested to know.

I am not planning on going on one, but would like to see what people think of working in the US Army. Just curious!

Thanks for any helpful replies,

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Journo scum alert!
Praetorian - go and look a bit deeper - he appears to be a confused biff 18 yr old rather than a dirt-digging journo scum.

What do you want to know about working with the Americans? Most operational troops will have had some experience of working with them by now. They are different - doctrinally dogmatic (on the whole) and a bit zealous when it comes to flag, country etc but generally OK.
Apologies: I am an 18 year old, but I dont write for anyone, I just heard that people can do exchanges with the US Army and was wondering what they were like.

As you can see by the clear research above, my previous posts are all pretty random, if I have a question that puzzles me, I will ask, even if it is an odd one like this. Normally I get good answers, I don't normally get accused of being "journo scum", but there is a first time for everything!

Sorry if I have given off the wrong impression of being a journalist or a "biff", was only curious.

Was attached to the Yanks for a fair while.

They are fiercely patriotic and do not understand why people dislike / hate them for being in Iraq / Afghan.

They are bloody well looked after on Ops (there is a Harley dealership in the PX in Baghdad).

The work ethic of the staff officers is unreal (he who leaves the office first is a commie and a defeatist).

They are very good at plans and drills as the ops they do are on such a scale that the UK "Back of a fag packet" solution will not work.

Enough to start with?
My experience of working with our American cousins has been reasonably good. However don't try irony on them as they think that is what gets the creases out of shirtys. Also don't mention rules of engagement as they think this means asking her father for her hand in marriage!
I worked with some officers in Baghdad who were working 20 hours per day. They didnt need to - their UK peers averaged 14. After 6 months they were physical wrecks and making very bad judgement calls which they wouldnt have made had they got the common sense to go to bed rather than be seen to be in the office.

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