Exchange Trips

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So all, what are the chances for exchange trips to other forces: Americans, Germans etc?

Do they actually happen? What do you do? Are they long?
Chris_2oo6 said:
1 of our lads had an exchange with an aussie last year for 6 months...

our bloke loved it in aus, the aussie hated it over here!
Op LONGLOOK is probably the best known. All the Aussies I have worked with during their visit, have thoroughly enjoyed it as they get to move from sub-unit to sub-unit, visiting the best Europe has to offer. The same goes for the guys i know who have gone over there (I turned it down in favour of a TELIC tour).

Officers are the ones who tend to get the longer exchanges such as America, canada and Germany
Most of the Officer exchange posts seem to be for 2 years. I dont think the powers that be 'trust' the junior/senior ranks to undertake a 2 year tour. We will probably end up ruling their Armies

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