Exchange server Admin course

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by arby, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone suggest a basic civvy exchange server administration course. Cheaper the better as Bossman is paying and he's tighter than a tight thing.
  2. What server version? And do you want to put Exchange into context with Active Directory and DNS? If you havent any AD or DNS knowledge, just doing an exchange module might be running before you can walk.

    Have a look at this link here which gives you an idea of all the 2K7 exchange stuff - its not as simple as just attending one course you need to tailor your training to suite your employers needs. I'm not recommending the company BTW, although i've done quite a few microshaft courses with various providers and found them to be similar. The only exception were ASLAN in Eindhoven who were excellent and provided the best lunches.

    these people have some good courses and cheap, not sure if this is what your after, however some instructors are very limp wristed in delivery so you need to encourage them to stand up straight and speak with confidence
  4. Correct linky is here

    Erm, without coming across as being racist, does anyone know how heavily accented their English is? I've been looking at this crowd for a while and I'd rather fork out a bit more money for a course where I can understand the instructors!
  5. Why not try Cisco CCNA, i have just started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Edinburgh and the instructor is english speaking as in a jock lol
  6. I'll take my chances with the Indians if you don't mind-there's more chance of the natives staying off the pop long enough for them to instruct me on a course.
  7. Although you're quite a rude little chappy I'll help out, a bit.

    For online courses there are two suppliers available through (register on the site first to gain discount).

    With experience of online, tutor led etc. it's what presses your buttons to get the certification. I hate book learning but combine it with a bit of experience and some exam crams and you should be fine.

    If you want a few freebie courses which might help you in future endeavours, then also has 4 available to those registered on their site.
  8. cheers mate. Oh and I'm not rude, it's a charm that grow on you :D