Excess baggage charges on mod flight

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RoflsaurusRex, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if its in wrong place and all but.. Im flying to Germany within the next couple of hours and my bags are 10kg over the 40kg allowance.
    Does anyone know how much the excess charge is?
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  2. Excess baggage charges on a duty flight. What ever next, Air passenger duty?
    Dont forget to ask for an upgrade to business class.
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  3. None of our guys getting posted to our unit were charged for excess baggage (some of us were 5-12kg over weight).
  4. When I was down in the FI a few years ago onboard one of her majesty's finest we had a young sub lieutenant..... (Although he was the size of three) who was completely socially inept. Anyway he had spent about five months of his training with us when we left the uk and only had a month left before moving on. This coincided with us arriving down south. We had said to him only take what you need for the month as you will need to fly back with all your stuff. Plus you will be sharing a cabin with five other people so need to be considerate with the amount of space you take up. Anyway he took this to mean bring half the contents of his existence and a guitar! He then proceeded to take up 90% of the storage space in the cabin. Anyway when it got time for him to **** off home (at last) he pack all his stuff up and takes it up to mount unpleasant for the night. With two people's help! Anyway he arrived at the officers mess barking he needs a single room for the night because hi is an officer. Mess manager says sorry sir we have no space as you are only here overnight waiting for your flight would you mind just sleeping in a bunk room? Well surprise surprise he acts like a cock and refuses..... Tough shit off to the bunk house he goes.
    So next day up to the terminal building he goes with all his shit in tow. Queues to check his baggage checked in. Get to the front and attempts to get all his stuff on the flight. Well the crab in charge really politely says sorry sir your over your weight allowance. Before he can finish what he is saying cockface starts piping up remonstrating and complaining.... With the upshot being someone else had to come up from the ship to label up his baggage and send it on to the uk on the next flight after this. So when one of the guys turns up after cockface had gone to label up the stuff he goes and sees the same crab who refused the baggage and asks him why he couldn't take the stuff with him on his flight originally.
    Turns out just as he was about to offer the cock to put all his stuff on the same flight as him as unaccompanied baggage the cock opened his mouth so the crab thought **** you (rightly so).
    Luckily for cockface the baggage was labelled to his home address because personally I would have sent it all to bastion or somewhere other than his home.
    Moral of the story as long as you are nice to them and they aren't complete knob jockeys either you shouldn't have to worry about baggage allowance!
  5. I don´t think the RAF makes any charge for excess baggage.

    I never had to pay for the wife on a duty flight.
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  6. Privatised. Ryanair are so used to flying into old unused military airfields in the middle of nowhere that the MOD gave them the contract. Stand by to Stand on the flight home and you are in deep pooh pooh if you don.t have a boarding card...

    MOD are happy at the income stream from miscreant squaddies...
  7. More weight equals more fuel and, last time I looked, we were broke. Allowance varies with the flight and your reason for travel, so an indulgence passenger gets much less than someone travelling to a new post who gets less than someone going on ops.
    Like has been said above, a polite 'oops' usually gets results unless the aircraft is chocka.

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  8. Which brings us back to the "Why don't fatties pay more?" question.
  9. I once escaped an £80 excess baggage charge at Heathrow by walting it as an RAF member (Yeah, I know, I know)

    I was on a contract to run the OP Pike convoys up through Camp Virginia into Basra and Um Qasr and the company had dumped a load of extra baggage on me to take out. I was whining like a spanked puppy at the check in when the lass turned my passport over (There is a big sticky label with RAF written on it by some mover from a previous contract) and gave me one of those "My Hero" looks. 'In that case we can overlook it' she said giving me a wink.

    Get in there!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The shame walting as a crab!
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  11. Don´t the crabs walt as civvies ?
    Or is that just the impression that generally comes across ?
  12. In 2006, there was a troop of us returning from Belize near Christmas. We had arrived at Brize with 100s of kilos of kit and there was a coach waiting for us at Brize to drive us back to Germany. The OC had a hissy fit and contacted the RAO to get us flights from Heathrow. One of the troopers suggested sending the baggage back on the coach but the OC was having none of it. As we checked in, the excess baggage charge was £2000ish. OC admitted that he'd made a mistake but a quick call to the RAO and all was well.