Excess Baggage charge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Goony, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Recently before relocating to my new unit we we're ordered to take a sizeable amount of our own kit with us. (Kit boxes wouldnt arrive in time for the start of the course.) As a result I was quite a bit over the baggage limit on my flight, and had to pay 136 quid.

    Can i expect 100 percent compensation for this? Because its looking like I'm going to have to pay the same again......

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you can prove that you did not receive notice in time to book excess baggage in advance then there is a case. You should book excess baggage for your return journey through your unit now so you dont have to suffer again. Don't forget to keep receipts. It must be kit essential to the course too.
  3. If your joining instructions states you have to take a large amount of kit, then you might have a case.
  4. I flew with BMI to a career course and had about 50kg of kit (4 weeks worth + mil kit). The allowance was i think 20 kg, and there and back I was charged over £600 in excess baggage. Luckily I had a credit card with me to pay it, and I was reimbursed the full amount.

    BMI told me at the desk that MOD personnel are allowed 50kg baggage allowance, but even though the military booked my flight, I was still booked on as a "normal" civi. I’m not too bothered though, I paid it and was swiftly reimbursed. Just a thought maybe that the MOD should look more into booking us on the correct flights with the extra baggage allowance, because I know a few people this has happened to.

    Make sure u keep ALL receipts! :-S