Excerpts from AP interview with Ahmadinejad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. I feel very relieved to read that Ahmadinejad has said Iran is not pursuing any nuclear weapons program. Obviously the IAEA report last week is in error and is merely another example of the pro-western bias of the UN.

  2. Mr A-Mad Dinnerjacket is just as flaky and troublesome as Colonel Gadflie..... maybe somebody within the Iranian political opposition will suggest Mr Dinnerjacket takes a long walk down a lonely country lane one day by himself....... :?
  3. Your "political correctness" quotient is slipping--you need a recharge. I feel the aura of "change" everywhere over here in the US after today's love fest with the speeches of Obama and Kaddafi at the UN and the reassuring words from Mr. A-Mad Dinnerjacket. We have nothing to fear anymore and can look forward to reasoning together with these fellows and our other former "enemies" to achieve world peace once and for all. I feel a song bubbling up--Kumbaya anyone?
  4. "We are opposed to the killing of people wherever"

    Thats not what we saw in Tehran immediately after the elections in June. The country was awash at that time with armed groups working on behalf of Mr. Madmullah and his corrupt regime. Mind you non of his competitors are any better, they are all murdering scum.

    I agree with him that something should be done to lift the Afghans out of poverty and thus stabilise their country - and that the costs of alternative solutions to military action might be comparable with the military spending going on there now. However there will be no stabilisation possible in Afghastlystan until Terry Tellytubby and his Talibabble bunch are neutralised.

    Having lived in Iran for most of this year, I often wondered how it is that Iran, a country said to have the third largest oil reserves in the world, still has third world infrastructure. Whatever it is they spend their oil revenues on, it isnt health care services, better communications, schooling, roads or public services. They do however hang people in the street for being homosexual and other perceived crimes - and publicly stone wimmin to death for alleged infidelity as well as perpetrate a host of other atrocities against ordinary people.

    And there is one big difference between Afghastlystan and Iran: In Iran, a large slice of the population would welcome assistance in getting rid of that smiling c unt Ahmadinejad and his cronies, to the extent that many people I spoke to privately said that they would welcome intervention by Israel and America on Iranian soil.
  5. Thanks for the first hand perspective--good insight. I suspect they will be seeing Israelis long before any Americans.