Excercise Black Serpent

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by AWOL_and_loving_it!, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. My next challenge is to go for the above because I think I'm due one now. Unfortunately there isn't much info about it on the army intranet. Could anyone give me any info on this course. I heard it was being extended. Is it a really tough course and what does it consist of? Also, how many of them are run per year?
    I would appreciate any info!
  2. rub your two brain cells together and contact 16 directly !
  3. I believe them directly from Colchester Zoo and meet outside the Reptile house the first Tuesday of every month. Hope that helps AWOL, hows your life of crime going :?
  4. Probably a bit like shopping in Selfridges and seing something with a tag on it but no price.

    If you have to ask........

    I wouldnt listen to the tripe youl hear on here as it always degenerates into cmt bashing and accusations of "Walt's".

    Log onto the APC area of army net. Theres a dit on there about that line of work. It's changed considerably i believe in the past fiscal year.

    I do hope your not fishing for another Wah.
  5. Be fit, be good, be serious.

    Other then that...good luck.
  6. I was thinking of setting up an "Exercise Jack Serpent"

    It will involve covert Naffi breaks and early finishes. Culminating in a final test where you have to navigate your way from a smoking ship, stepping over and ignoring as many casualties as possible on the way out. The successfull candidates will then form an elite(ish) unit with the sole responsibilily of avoiding every tour/exercise going in order to "big time" it down the Legion and cadge drinks from the gullible.

    The unit insignia will be faded blue jeans and black bomber jacket crossed on the background of a long-term biff chit. 8)
  7. Your so out of date. The standard off duty uniform now is: A pair of The North face trousers (with multiple pockets), Black 700 The North Face Jacket and a pair of Brashers or The North Face walking shoes...very sad!

    I must admit I own a 700 The North Face Jacket.
  8. Actually it degenerates into some usually deserved Walt bashing.
    'harder than selection' 'oil rigs', 'black kit', 'the regiment' etc.......
  9. Or "Crack serpent".
    Same as my last post but you have to inhale all the fumes in the smokey ship before your escape....