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Bad CO

Check out
A massive Russian govt sponsored website dedicated to the Great Patriotic war (WW2 - Eastern Front).  Lots and lots of photos, maps, interviews, etc


War Hero
I'll have a look at that one, should be good as my Dad was fighting for the Germans, lol.

Another absolute cracker, and a total eye opener for those of us who are...lets put it this way...not exactly fond of the Ribits...


I especially recommend going down the page and visiting the foreign volunteers section and look for the froggies, those ribits really did know where their bread was buttered, right up until they realised they hadpicked the wrong side...AGAIN! *******...
Both sites outrageously good sources of material for my MOHAA mod

Just skinning a Fallschirmager - Yes I know the speelings wrong, it's late. Working on A Crete 1941 map, and a Bruneval level. Could do with some references for my magnus opus - Operation Jubilee. Mind you, might be a BF1942 mod at this rate :)

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