Excellent Speccie article on bombs/Iraq link

Only the most credulous moron (or Labour stooge) would swallow the line that there is no link between the suicide bombs and the Iraq war. The politicians are probably waiting until Bliar drops the ball before breaking the illusion of national consensus.

There is an excellent article in the Spectator on the deceitful posturing over what lies behind Al-Qaeda and the suicide bombers.

Extracts are below and the entire article is available free (registration required) at the Speccie website: www.spectator.co.uk

MPs set off on their holidays this week amid a mood of national consensus. Tony Blair’s reputation has never stood so high, and its lustre stretches across all parties. Conservative MPs look at him nowadays with adoration. They laugh when he laughs, and grimace when he grimaces.

Doubtless this is the case. But there are dangers in political consensus, as Britain has learnt many times to her cost. Consensus entrenches intellectual fallacy, and stifles original and honest thought. Politicians of all parties huddle together less for strength than for comfort. They often reassure themselves in error rather than confront the truth in a clear-headed way.

If we are to address this monstrous crisis effectively, it is essential that we do so in an absolutely clear-headed and open-eyed way. So far we have had little but muddle, confusion and deceit from the Prime Minister and his numerous allies. They have misled us at every step about the Iraq war and its consequences. First they made false claims about WMD, and about the links between al-Qa’eda and Saddam Hussein. Then they deceived us in the aftermath of war about the circumstances surrounding the death of the late Dr David Kelly. Now we are being misled about the links to the London bombings. It is time they started to tell us the truth.

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