Excellent Police Proceedure

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. Now I know the real reason for so many parking meters !.

    Just love the copper who seems to double over laughing at the first 'rush'
  2. brilliant
  3. Nice one, scum sandwich. 8)
  4. Oh for the police to get away with running chavvy little fcukers like that over in this country
  5. Now that's what I call "proactive policing" :lol:
  6. Mmm, can you see 'Norfolk Constabulary etc' doing the same thing in Norwich City centre? I dont think so.
    So, lofty clearly had a knife and had the attention of the coppers. Solution- Barrett M82 result. How much does a police sniper cost to train? I would dearly love to pay via paypal to their cause. Im all for equipping them with .50 long range sniper gats.

    Call comes through.....'Geyser holding post office with sawn off'. .50 bloke tips up, sits off 500m, pops off half a mag (BTW, Barrett mag looks like a VHS case!), nasty man has no recourse for an appeal if you know what I mean. Money well spent.
  7. If anyone wants to know I can ID where that happened.

    THe police are most definately from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I must point out that over the summer there was another standoff outside union station that ended in the suspect being killed by a sniper.
  8. looked like an orca toying with a baby seal...nice driving :D
  9. That was firking class. Happens all the time down town with the crazy Turk taxi drivers! :lol:
  10. This story was picked up by a Scum journo - probably hoovering up tales from ARRSE as usual.

    In my defence, I hadn't bought the Scum - it was mentioned on Sky News (just as bad, I know) this morning by another journo.
  11. Excellent plan - however the police need to send the bill for the expended rounds to the family afterwards
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I was in Canada last week and I think this is linked to a story I read there,

    1. Two brothers - longterm trouble with the Mounties - drive down road and get pulled over by 2up Mountie patrol for minor travel violation.

    2. Mad brother pulls shotgun and blasts away at the Mounties because "he jus' wanted to stick it to the man"

    3. RCMP jump back in their car and run away to nearest sherriffs station. Bad guys give chase (whoopin and a hollerin)

    4. RCMP vehical arrives back at sherrif's station, bad guys pull up and shotgun RCMP driver to death, seriously wound oppo.

    5. Months later one is captured and the second is blown away after a siege at a post office. I don't think they wanted him to surrender much.

    FYI 4 FOUR Mounties got killed on Thursday last week by 1 ONE pissed of marajuana grower with an assault rifle. Canada is screaming for blood. Papers full of it.