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Ref the Pink, nothin gto do with Gays.

In the 19th century it became popular to apply the phrase to the British Empire, especially during the Victorian era, when British world maps coloured the Empire in red or pink, vividly highlighting British imperial power spanning the globe. The 19th-century politician Lord Salisbury complained that the £1.5 million spent on colonial defence by Britain in 1861 merely enabled the nation "to furnish an agreeable variety of stations to our soldiers, and to indulge in the sentiment that the sun never sets on our Empire." A Sri Lankan news source credits Colvin R. de Silva with coining the famous response: "That's because God does not trust the British in the dark."

Although the phrase has fallen out of British political usage, it remains true today that the sun still does not set on the British overseas territories or the Commonwealth Realms of which Elizabeth II is head of state, or for that matter on the French overseas departments and territories.

The British Empire in 1897, marked in pink, the traditional colour for Imperial British dominions on maps.
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