Excellent article on the PLAAFs new J-10

Article said:
Taiwan's Western technological edge is quickly melting away and China's military buildup inevitably leads to restoring the country's territorial integrity. The J-10 is a significant piece of this great wall being built around Taiwan.
Sounds very pro-chinese if you ask me. Especially when you consider there's something of an internal political cold war going on in taiwan, where a large part of the taiwanese government itself wants no part of any chinese state. Well as the article says, I spose they'll have no chance of independance now china are investing heavily in their military, but given the fact that reunification with china hasn't taken place either, this can't really be said to be a good thing.
Oh the website that article is from is definately biased and some of the features have text that will either make you laugh or get the blood boiling, however, there is quite a bit of good along with the bad in the form of data concerning aircraft and pictures.

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