Excellent article on American foreign policy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Well written yet inconsistent...we have...

    which can be viewed in light of the 'establishment' of nations like Saudi and Kuwait which the US certainly played a part in, more so than with Transjordan/Lebanon/Syria/Iraq(Mespotamia). Seems that these strong traditions were somewhat ignored 100 years ago by all and sundry.

    then we have ....

    Hmm, interesting I don't recall this when I was in Cairo, rather the regime is seen as pro-American, the opposition that is 'forced...into the mosque', i.e. The Muslim Brotherhood, is contra the regime as a result of the pro-US, pro-Israel, and thus what is considered neo-imperial position...

    ...and then we have the title 'View from the top', I may email the writer and suggest an edit 'The view from an ivory tower'. I suppose similar, but rather more succinct.
  3. Anti Americanism appears to entirely without precursor according to this.
    Anti Americanism is diminished not magnified by American intervention.
    Nuclear sponsors of local fueds are a bad thing, Ignoring Americas wars by proxy which were exactly that.

    That article states. Bushes speech was pitiful, worryingly true it als states the reaction and delcaration of war on terror was made by an inexperience and naive new President. Yet the plan swung into action were massive. (Is this an admission of doing something instantly for fear of being seen to do nothing momentarily)

    Is there a word for Irony in American, or is this a case of Holier than thou.

    Could the author be more patronsing of the culture to first understand astrology, pharamcology and stock market trading? What was the west doing when Arab sailors were trading in spices with China?

    The waffle about democracy is beautiful to read, But i cannot think (at teh moment) of one democracy that was imposed from afar. Former Eastenr bloc nations had revolutions India the worlds largest democracy sought its own independence. I cant site precedent for a nation being handed democratic process and adopting it.

    This a horse pushed cart. It is like a horse drawn cart but better!

    Other than that it sounded like bush had written it - OOOh because that was Bush's speeech writer and Buish cant write a sentence on his own! apart from.

    There is a poster out west, it says we're gonn get him dead or alive"
    -things like that make me feel safe!