Excellence in communication my arrse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by conco, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. Blandford Camp, The home of the Royal Signals. The Corps Motto being ”Excellence in communication” Or something like that!

    My Arrse! For a place of excellence with so many different types of communication equipment for the British Army, from big green things to the small portable green things.

    Try staying in the Corps WO &Sgt’s Mess!

    No mobile phone signal unless you are stood on your left leg rubbing your right nipple! (Have you seen the size of the tower here with shed loads of antennas and not one of them is for a mobile phone)

    No Digital TV signal? There is a TV co-ax coming out of the floor in the room just sat there, but when you attempt to use it there isn’t even an aerial on the roof? (Everywhere else appears to get Digital TV in the UK?)

    Wireless internet? You may expect that the lack of signal, dropped signal and just a crap service would have been noticed?

    Three basic if not the most common forms of communication in the world, and they can’t get it right!

    Is it just me or does someone really have to look at changing the Royal Signals Corps Motto?
  2. In referance to no mobile phone signal - Have you looked at your capbadge? Maybe it's the stance you need to get a signal!!
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    when the fcuk did the motto become excellence in communication?
  4. Probably when local authorities came up with the idea of "Communication champions"! The sig's thought they had best go one better!
  5. Motto of the Royal Corps

    Certa Cito
    Reliable Information Quickly (literal translation).
    Swift and Sure (normal translation, although Sure and Swift would be closer).

    We don't do mobile phone comms. The tower (Blandford Tower) is condemned and you are not allowed to climb it. There is a phone mast on camp, installed behind the water tower (huge ancient iron thing), I doubt the Corps' had anything to do with the placing.

    Due to the fact all the phone lines are wartime aluminium internet is pretty poo. Whilst the Corps has the capability to relay, I doubt BT would appreciate the help.

    Wait until the steam fair turns up, then your comms will be booming.

    It's Dorset mate, armpit of the world. I doubt the Signals were based there by choice (majority at least, we'd have rather stayed at Catterick).
  6. And for 9 years I was convinced it was "Shit or Bust" ;-)

    You live and learn!

  7. Well I would just like to say that I am currently sat here using Broadband, watching my Sky HD looking at my mobile phone with a full strength signal, therefore, I would suggest that certain parts of the camp have very good comms.

    However I am not R Sigs (chomp chomp :biggrin:) so my comms plan works ^_~
  8. Is it September the Fair is held? I must remember to be here for that. At least one month a year for good comms isnt to bad for Blandford :)
  9. The Sgts Mess annex isn’t exactly in pond bottom ^_~
  10. Conco, top tip.
    Unless you get a hard on for steam engines, you don't want to be within 100 miles of Blandford when the steam fair is on, unless you are commutting by chopper.
    The road network (such as it is) is a nightmare for a couple of weeks and clogged up with steam tractors, caravans, pikies etc.
    Best avoided - I used to put in a 3 week leave pass at that time when serving at Blandford.
  11. (My bold) I concur, I am one of the old sceptics who reckon favours, or even monetary back handers, were awarded to those who organised the move to Blandford. It would have been easier and cheaper to move the School along with the Museum back up north.

    Catterick was always the home of the Corps and we still had two perfectly good camps there right up till the move.
  12. Probably needs its own thread this one (again?).
    It is a good conspiracy theory, the old chesnut of "back-handers" and various other favours called in when we cleared out the furniture from Catterick and moved down to deepest Dorset. However, it was never about the overall infrastructure costs and certainly not about bumping up a few offshore bank accounts.
    Facts are, a significant number of influential senior Corps Officer's of the era had their domestic roots firmly planted "down south" and also, the Infantry had far more powerful forces at play and effectively walked all over us, with very little resistance.
    As a northerner myself, I know where my heart lies in the argument over the home of the Corps, but frankly, there isn't a great deal we can do about it now!
  13. The 'home' was never in Catterick.

    The museum, band, white helments (IIRC) and TC and Supervisor courses were always run down there. SOinC etc was alwyas down there.

    Catterick was where most were trained (11 Sigs, 1 Sqn), most were traded (8 Sigs) and most returned for class 1s (8 Sigs). So we can see why it is seen as the 'home' but in essence it was Blandford that was the real home. Detties, Sgts and the Leadership course were handled at Colerne, and 13 Sigs ran a detties too.

    JLs were in Ouston and later Harrogate, Harrogate being the true heart of the Corps of course. Seeing as most Supervisors and RSMs came from the brats. :D And we were just awesome soldiers and fantastically good looking.
  14. C_F.
    Detties and "Staffies" courses were run at 11 Sig Regt, with 13 Sig Regt picking up the BAOR JNCO's. I seem to recall the White Helmets were based in Catterick as well.
    Naturally, I fully concur with your assessment of Harrogate trained "brats"!
  15. Junior soldiers Sqn were also In Catterick before Ouston, and unless I was in a parallel Universe(which might of been correct) my stint at the training wing,11 Sigs during 80's, Detties and Staffies were held at Helles barracks, White Helmets shared the "compound" opposite Vimy barracks with Schemes troop.

    All the above is correct and is with prejudice of alzeihmers(sp) and other old age symptoms that affects memory