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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spanish_Dave, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hi all

    My frau and her carer were out in my car and exceeded a parking area for 22 minutes, both women did not have a clue even though signs were displayed, the question is Excel parking want to fine me, I have told them it was my wife and carer but they say tough basically, am I liable to pay, the wife says she cant remember which carer was driving on that day, what is the general concensus?
  2. How much do they want?
  3. Who was driving the car and responsible for parking it at the time?

  4. They can't fine you, they can only charge a reasonable fee. They will have to sue you for the money and they don't know who to sue. I'd tell them to get stuffed and sue me
  5. Ignore them. These private companies are virtually powerless to pursue you and try to obtain any fine that they stipulate... Only pay any attention to the likes of parking tickets issued by councils etc.. That is why these private carpark companies go out of their way to make their tickets look, and read, as through they are an official council ticket.

    They will bluster, they will write nasty letters - do not respond in any way. Ignore them. They will soon go away.
  6. Didn't someone start a thread on this a while back, and get comprehensively fucked over by a few posters who thought private parking companies were the dog's wotsits?

    In order to impose the charge, they'd have to convince a court that by parking that you'd entered into a contract with them to pay that amount. It's balls. They can sue for any losses sustained but that's it.
  7. Private company - **** em! They will have to sue you to get the cash. Council/local authority and Police tickets are a different matter though.
  8. Just type parking fine into google and you will get lots of web sites with good advice.

    Last year my MP went on record in the local paper advising motorists not to pay parking fines from the company that controlled the parking area in a certain part of town, sorry cant remember the name of the company.
  9. Tell them to go take a flying f**k.
  10. Tickets from these private parking companies are basically un-enforceable. The tend to hit a town on a given day and dole out dozens of the things. If a tiny percentage pay they are quids in and won't worry about the rest. I have had several over the years, always ignored them and they go away. Like already said they have to prove who was driving. More hassle than it's worth for them.

    Just because they have signs up doesn't always mean anything either. Round my way the parasites have been known to put signs up and ticket cars on bits of public road that have no parking restrictions by the local authorities. No right to ticket anyone parking there but it doesn't stop them. God knows how many unwitting victims will have just paid up without thinking about it.
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    £60 increasing to £100 by mid Jan, I appealed mentioned the wifes disability etc but they said tough
  12. Pay it if you're bored with the money and want rid of it, otherwise bin the letter and ignore them. They're just scammers.
  13. Excel Parking have apparantly only ever pursued one PCN and lost, the judge stated that the "fine" was unlawful.

    Excel Parking
  14. Send them a polite reply, saying you are surprised and dismayed to be receiving a parking fine. Explain that the vehicle is in constant use, as your wife is disabled and driven by numerous carers. Obviously you do not keep a record of who was driving on certain days, but if they can provide you with CCTV footage, you would be happy to comply and pay the fine.

    It is the driver who must pay, and it is the responsibility of the company to provide evidence of who the driver was.

    You will no doubt recieve a shitty letter noting your reluctance to help them and that will be about it.