Excel chuff chart?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armr617, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. on a previous trip to the sandy place someone came up with an excel chuff chart,
    you put in your tour dates, pay, LOA, LSSA rate, R&R dates etc and it had a chart, time to go, money earned etc etc on it.

    anybody have a copy still lurking on their hard drive??
    mine got fried when squished by a warrior
  2. That chart has been floating around for years. First came across it in 2001 during a HO/TO. I have had one handed over to me every tour since. I don't think that you'll find them unavailable when you get out there.
  3. chuff charts have been out a hell of a lot longer than that. I had one in Belfast 89-90. Granted they were not exel but they did exist.
  4. I have one send me your email address and version of office you want it in.
  5. And at least 5 years before that Devilish. I first seen them in the Falklands 84.
  6. I agree with chokin, I first saw them in MPA August 84 to Dec 84, Based on line drawings from "Mens magazines"
  7. My mistake, I was on about the Excel one in particular. Agreed, was using pen and paper prior to that. Did look good on the wall though, always made those mornings so much easier to get through. :lol:
  8. Many thanks to Spaz.
    sorted now ready for OT13
  9. I had one in 66/67. In fact most of us in Aden had one, pen & ruler job. Mark each day off. " days to do, before RTU" Excel wasn't even born yet !. Come to think of it, everything was manual in them days.