Excalibur Unit - The Latest Walting Legends?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ploppy, May 3, 2010.

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  1. I passed these weird characters in old landies and camouflaged people carriers today. Strange assortment of green and desert dpm, usually mixed up, and their own cap badge and stable belt. One poor sod had a coverless helmet with his blood group daubed on the front... First instinct was that they were a bunch of lunatic airsofters, but they claim to be charity fundraisers, running events on behalf of RBL and Help for Heroes.

    All very commendable, but the dressing up was very walty indeed. Here's their website:


    So what do we reckon? Harmless oddballs with a dpm fetish and a willingness to help two brilliant charities, or dangerous walts who need to be outed?
  2. if all they r doin is raisin some cash for charity then leave em to it. and id throw it up the tart in the raf uniform in the middle.
  3. First instinct was to cry "Walts!" but you know what.. if it gives them a feeling of contributing towards the war effort by helping a couple of decent causes.. then who am I to take the p*ss. (even if they are walts!)
  4. They seem harmless enough, they're not claiming to be SF/Para heroes on a secret mission, they are quite openly fundraising. It's a little odd that's all.
  5. Why the endless fascination with "walts"on this site, its nice to see these people going out there way and giving up there free time in a good cause....wish there were more people like that.
  6. hell yeah, the doris on the right would get it too!!!!
  7. wait. their right or ours as we look at it? cos if its that biggun id need more than a pint to steady myself!
  8. the middle wren gets my vote, couple of beers and the one on the right would get it, as for josie on the far left... she can watch :)
  9. Ye GODS!! the one on the left is above and beyond the mere call of duty...... (I must have her......)
  10. Are you insane boy?!

  11. same thoughts here...dont see any harm done, just a bit of DPM fund raising...creepy maybe but harmless..

  12. Absolutely... its an attempt to ease my guilt at having carnal relations with an 18 year old and her 17 year old mate.. I must pay my pennance!!

    Editted to add... though in my defence they did lie about their ages.... they told me they were 16 :twisted:
  13. then all is forgiven. i still wouldnt pork it though...
  14. Its not their own stable belt though is it? its Tri Service they wear them down at DCPG
  15. bit odd
    but not cliaming any semi offial status as lof
    not claiming any mad ninja skills lie the deluded sterling air soft
    not cliaming to be SAS or ex para like golden :twisted:

    so harmless and doing some good