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  1. Im thinking about joining the AFC and was just wondering if anyone knows if when you are there you have to do exams like at school. please help
  2. I know you're looking for a quick answer, but you really should do some basic research on the british army website before asking on here. I dont actually know where you're referring to from 'when you are there' so i'm assuming you're talking about selection. If you're going for a technical role, then you'll be required to sit a TST at ADSC (technical selection test) which is like a gcse maths exam, except its all multiple choice, apart from that you're fine until you start training.
  3. I think (still guessing though) that he means during the AFC 'term times' type thing. Like how during school/college term times exams are May/June etc etc. Might be mistaken but I think that's what he is asking. I'd suggest maybe posting here Juniors and having a gander at Army website maybe?
  4. Oh and Roll Call - DISCO!
  5. Now then calm down :D
  6. Firstly looking at the username chloe is more than likely a she rather than he. Secondly a sensible question in a way.....rather than doing exams like you would do in 6th form or college the AFC is more of a military based college where you are really doing a longer basic training of either 6 months short course or 12 months long course dependant on what trade you will do in phase 2 trade training. The classroom skills you will do are military based but you will do literacy and numeracy education on a military theme. You need to of taken all your GCSE exams and got the required grades in year 11 and if the job you are wanting to do requires certain grades whilst your going through the application process we will take your provisional grades until you get your results end of August. Throughout your time at AFC you will be doing lots of classroom work with lots of tests and assessments and there is lots of assistance for the ones who struggle
  7. Unless she means ACF?

    Chloe- are you talking about taking military tests on things like map reading etc as a cadet, or as a potential recruit in the regulars? If you're a cadet then 'yes' probably, but you'll be given instruction and it won't impact your normal school revision or homework.
  8. Yeah, that's a good idea at the moment isn't it?