exams and deadlines

Discussion in 'OTC' started by kenny_McCormickk, May 24, 2006.

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  1. you can tell its the end of term, the number of postings in the OTC board has plummeted!
  2. Too true.
    It's also true in attendance at units.
  3. This is true, however I think we may find that after the end of year pi$$ ups and people have rinced the last of there savings on an 18-30's somewhere the a dull tedium will follow, this will lead to a no doubt increse in postings Alle über! Well I know I will be one :D
  4. im quite surprised that ARRSE isnt being used as a method of procrastination more than it is, i for one have reached new levels during my diss. Im sure post unit summer camp and KGVI (for the RA troops out there) postings will take a sharp rise
  5. yeah i go on Arrse instead of revising, but it cant be just me can it?!?
  6. nope... me too!
  7. Me too, its too tempting.
  8. haha i know, every 10 mins im like, i wonder whats going on, on arrse....lol :D
  9. Hurrah , roll on KG6, we are doing the bar this year (2nd week), its going to be carnage.

    same goes.
  10. we? whose we?
  11. oxford are first on this year but were gonna stay the night after our go and get hammered, who else is on the first week? Glasgow?
  12. We are glasgow and we are last to fire second week. As far as I know its CEUOTC, ULOTC and GSUOTC on in the second week.
    Who is your BRO this year??

  13. your last to fire using the same guns that ulotc and cuotc have used? those guns are going to be about as much use as a chocolate firedoor
  14. i'm not laying this year so ours will be fine. anyways we're second week. sorry will stop hijacking this thread
  15. yeah i know, its worse, your the fcuking no. 1!