Examples of the SA-8 "Geko" / BAZ-5937

As in the thread title, i'm trying to find out if there are any examples of the SA-8 "Geko" / BAZ-5937 here in the UK?

Maybe at Bovington or the like?

Would be a great help if someone could point me in the right direction.
I think there is one at the RAF place in Northumbria (Kielder Forest area) where they used to test fire missle engines.
there isn't any at the tank museum, i can confirm that :) but i have seen one in the uk...it turned up at one of the barracks i use to be in...i have no idea where it was going as well... it was only there for a few days..maybe someone else can help?
obviously was the one i saw as i was based just off the A1 up north :wink:

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