Examples of Targets perverting performance.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It was 'fun' to watch Blair ambushed on QT by the folk who cannot book Doctors appointments in advance because it messes up their 48 hour targets.

    I thought it was fairly well known that NHS targets are cause all sorts of statistical manipulation and perverting of care. Cas being treated in the back of Ambulances so that they don't wait too long in A&E etc.

    Its also well known that schools are over run with targets which pervert performance and education. The son of a colleague of mine has been put in the 'D' stream at school for English GCSE. He got an A in his most recent English exam but did poorly in French. At his school French and English are linked subjects. If he went into the A stream it would mean that he would under perform in French and miss a key target. So dump him in the D stream and he will do as expected in French and will do better in English. He is unlikely to meet his full potential in English because he is getting D stream teaching but the school will meet its targets. Oh and why is English linked to French? Because its a 'language Academy' and French and English are languages, and they have to have equal status.

    I work for Job Centre Plus. We have targets that claims are supposed to be processed (put into payment) within 12 days of the initial claim being made. This is complete fantasy. Very few scroungers are seen by the Job Centre within 12 days, let alone having their claims done and dusted more like a monthe to six weeks. There are lots of ways to manipulate the figures though. The net result is that claims are often taken off the system (at a cost of about £130 a time) and re-registered so that they appear to be fresh claims. Other tricks are to make false registrations again so the claim appears to be fresher than it is.

    Now in this case who cares? Not me, but I am disgusted by the way that targets are perverting performance and costing the Tax payer money.

    Does any one else out there in ARRSE land have examples of Targets that are perverting performance? Can we gather them, maybe send them to Today and see if we can't ambush Tone and his cronies again?
  2. For me, targets are things which fall when hit.... or explode.
  3. How abouts this one. We have a vehicle crime squad which has a target to detect x% a month vehicle related crime i.e TWOC, theft from motor vehicle and theft of motor vehicle. No problem there until you realise that the Government has given the CPS targets aswell, to get x % of convictions in court. Now the CPS sets the charging standards, for example a criminal steals a car without the intention to permantley deprive.The CPS will decide to charge TWOC ( taking without consent). But say we catch one who has just broken the drivers window or removed the steering cowling to steal the car, CPS will charge the lesser offence of vehicle interference and not attempt theft so as to get a conviction in court. BUT the govt don't recognise interference as a detection. So the Police lose out. Laugh its easier to cry!!!!!!! Give that to Anton and get him to stutter out of that one.
  4. Hospitals are warned in advance when their A&E units are being inspected. result, they load their A&E with staff for the visit to bring down waiting times :roll:
  5. 1: Holding lists to get on waiting lists
    2: A&E moving people to "observation rooms" so that they can be out of A&E within the 4 hr target
    3: Exam results must be seen to get better every year, so the exams are getting easier (my old man's a teacher & can back me up on this - A level now is like O level back in the day)
  6. A few years ago a Chief Constable stated that he did not believe in Prison TIC's (taken into consideration) whereby a person in prison is interviewed ref possible other offences they may have committed. These can then be detected with no further action against the criminal but with a detection recorded for stats purposes. Said Chief removed the prison interview officers in post. 4-5 months later Govt pressure over detected crimes.. result there is now a large team of offciers getting TIC's from prisoners and the Chief is gloating about HIS detection rates.
  7. So does all this mean that our illustrious leader gets everybody else to do the lying for him?
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think our glorious leader is doing plenty of untruthing - we're just providing him with the statisitics to back up those lies
  9. In some A+E's because of chronic under-resouyrcing ans staffing, patients are left on trollies in the corridor, meaning that they are neither waiting to be seen or waiting for a bed.

    I think there was an example of this earlier this year when an OAP was left on a trolley for 8hrs whilst they tried to find a bed in a ward, as they didnt want her to wait in the A+E ward (they all have them). Obviously her family complained to the trust and the case became a natioanl sacandal, leading to the labour health minister (not John Reid) getting into a deep debate over wether the OAP was waiting on a trolley or a bed, just going to show that they use any littel detail they can to ge them off waiting lists.

    Another one i know of is from personal experience.

    My mother works as a medical photographer in a local hospital and works 9-5 Mon to Fri, but seen as how it is getting near to an election, the local NHS trust got some pressure from up above to improve waiting lists. They suddenly found extra money to reduce the waiting lists by running clinics till 2000hrs during week days and also by running them on weekends.
    Obviously there is only enough money to keep this up till after May 5th.

    Funny how this only happens when an election is coming up :roll:
  10. That is a real pain in the arrse, same with Crim Dam and attempted burglary. CPS= Crap Prosecution Service?

    oh , and I think it's Was Costet der hund etc.....