Examples of Chavness in the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by recce-cpl, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Lets have your examples , i have a few .
    1) Baseball hats in the cookhouse .
    2) White tracksuit pants (what is the point 1/2 a game of footie there f@@ked .
    3)Corsa's complete with crap body kit or if your BFG its a tax free MG ZR that has the build quality of a NAAFI toaster.

    Well theres a few for now , you know of any ?
  2. you want to pay a visit to catterick, the place is full of them
  3. Soldiers who have a Bad boy, cool dude handshake . Wonky base ball caps. Walk with a strut (Cardiff boys)
  4. The bar in Blandford is like a Goldie Lookin Chain fanclub reunion. Plenty of kitted out corsas in the carpark as well.

  5. 90% of R Sigs are chav's and the other 10% are to thick to be chavs. :wink:
  6. No-one/Nothing is too thick to be a chav. Oh was that sarcasm?
  7. "to thick"?, or no sorry, is it "two thick"?, oh no my apologies, it might even be "2 thick"...

    "chav's"? oh no, i think I might have meant "chavs'", oh sorry, or is it chav''s"?...
  8. Oh yes!!! Troops that turn up for phys in trainers that either:

    1. Have soles as thin as an Eastenders storyline.
    2. Were used in a Run DMC vid 20 years ago.

    Add in the ones who expect to run sub 9 min BPFAs in board shorts and you're getting closer to writing that "Book of Army Chavness".

    Maybe you have a cash opportunity RC?